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    5 Ethnic Skirts That Will Help You Nail The Fusion Wear Fashion

    5 Ethnic Skirts That Will Help You Nail The Fusion Wear Fashion

    The fashion landscape is dynamic enough to include elements that are endearing to people with different likes and preferences. The ever-evolving nature of fashion has made it stand the test of time and stay relevant. 
    Fusion wear is a trend that combines tradition and modernity in the most beautiful manner. The unparalleled charm of ethnic wear makes it an excellent choice for people who are looking for something outstanding to personify their unique tastes and aesthetic preferences. 

    What Are Ethnic Skirt

    Ethnic skirts incorporate elements of our traditional heritage in their design through unique prints and patterns. The best thing about wearing skirts as fusion wear is that you can style it with any top that you like and create a beautiful look as you step out for the day. 

    Ethnic long skirts are super comfortable and they have a charming and dainty appeal to them. 

    Batik Print Skirts

    Styling Tips for Ethnic Skirts

    We have put together a list of tips to help you style your ethnic skirts in the most beautiful manner:

    • Play With Patterns 

    Ethnic long skirts have gorgeous traditional patterns. You can opt for a similar pattern or a contrasting pattern while choosing a top to go with the skirt. The idea is to create appealing and playful combinations that make you look and feel your best. 

    • Accessories

    Choose your  accessories carefully while styling your ethnic skirt and top. You can go for statement accessories like  chunky earrings or dainty pieces as per your liking. Make sure that you balance out your look by choosing accessories that complement your outfit instead of overpowering it. 

    • Add Belts And Scarves 

    If your ethnic skirt is voluminous, you can wear a top with a belt to cinch your wrist and give structure to the outfit. Similarly, you can add a scarf to add an interesting layer. 

    5 Must-Have Ethnic Skirts

    If you want to spruce up your wardrobe with some of the best ethnic skirts, we suggest you check out iTokri. 

    Here is a list of some gorgeous ethnic long skirts from their website:

    • Handloom Jhiri Cotton Wrap-Around Skirt

    This free-size, plain,  wrap-around skirt can be teamed up with any printed or plain top. The beautiful aqua colour is super soothing, especially in this warm weather. 

    Jhiri skirt


    • Batik Printing Cotton Wrap Around Skirt

    The traditional design of Batik prints is simply outstanding and this maroon skirt will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. The bold colours of  Batik print skirts will make a statement of its own when you style this skirt properly and head out for the day. 

    Batik wrap around skirt
    • Kalamkari Block Printed Cotton Wrap Around Skirt

    If you are a fan of minimalist elegance, you are going to absolutely love this skirt. This  Kalamkari ethnic long skirt has an assortment of motifs that have been inspired by the Kalamkari printing. You can pair this up with a solid coloured top and be ready to rock your fusion look. 

    Kalamkari skirt
    • Bandhani Tie-Dye Patchwork Cotton Fabric Short Skirt

    This is one of our personal favourites. The colourful and vibrant  Bandhani tie-dye patchwork oozes a lot of fashion brilliance and this one is bound to become your favourite in no time! It has a short length and hence you can style it accordingly. 

    Bandhani skirt
    • Bagh Block Printed Cotton Long Skirt

    This  Bagh printed ethnic long skirt is ideal for any casual or formal occasion, depending upon how you style this. You can even style it with a plain white kurta and silver statement earrings to create a dazzling ethnic look. 

    Bagh Block skirt


    Ethnic skirts are a beautiful symbol of cultural  diversity and our traditional artistic endowments. These skirts are super versatile and they can be used to add depth and ethnic elegance to your outfit. The different designs of ethnic skirts available in iTokri personify the alluring tapestry of design and colours from across the nation.  


    • What kind of top to wear with skirts?

    It depends upon the kind of ethnic skirt that you are wearing.  If you are wearing a voluminous ethnic long skirt, you can go for a crop top or a fitted top to create a cohesive look. You can also mix and match different patterns to create an attractive look. 

    • What style skirts are in vogue now?

    Ethnic skirts are so much in trend right now. In fact, fashion designers from all across the world are incorporating fashion inspiration from the Indian subcontinent to add a royal touch to their creativity. 


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