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    Artists In India- The Extraordinary Legacy of Famous Artists Of India

    Artists In India- The Extraordinary Legacy of Famous Artists Of India

    Art has always found expression in India because of the culturally and traditionally rich spirit of the subcontinent. Being a land of many cultures, the artistic output of  Indian Artists  has been a celebration of diversity in its most brilliant form.  
    India is home to some of the most popular artists in the world. Each of them has contributed to the promotion of arts in India and across the globe. The  famous artists of India  have represented the changing cultural and social milieu of the Indian subcontinent throughout its history. 

    Rich Indian Art And Culture And Its Influence On Indian Artists

    India’s vast range of visual artworks is a direct influence of the confluence- a mingling of various cultures of the land. Be it the ancient  famous artists of India,  or the modern Indian artists, all present the amalgamation of these social, traditional, and cultural impressions.
    The diversity of the art lies in the unique perception and vision of each  Indian famous artist.  The influence of various ages, dynasties, and cultures in India, gives  Indian artists  a huge canvas and a vast range of colours to work with. The resultant works, a product of their imagination, and great labour are a sight to behold.   

    21 Renowned Indian Artists: An Introduction 

    Though there are so many  famous artists of India,  one may need an entire book dedicated to them, and that would not be enough. In this article, we’ve focused on some most popular Indian artists across states, cultures, and genres.

    Raja Ravi Varma 

    Famous for his vibrant depictions of Hindu mythology and women,  Raja Ravi Varma is one of the most eminent  Indian artists.  Some of his popular works include  "Shakuntala",  "Damayanti Talking to a Swan", and "The Miser."

    (image credit:- wikipedia)

    Jamini Roy 

    A celebrated artist from Bengal honoured and revered in her own right is known for his minimalist style and folk art influence specially on  Kalighat paintings.  Renowned amongst 20th-century  Indian artists,  a few of his famous works include "Toiling Blacksmith", and  "Krisna withBalram".

    (image credit:- pinterest)

    Rabindranath Tagore 

    Rabindranath Tagore is an  Indian famous artist  and writer whose reputation is unprecedented in India and abroad. Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913. His paintings are often a reflection of his literary work. His famous pieces include  "Bharat Mata",  "Nandalal Bose",  and  "Self-Portrait".

    (image credit:- wikipedia)

    Nandalal Bose 

    Nandalal Bose was a domineering figure in modern Indian art. A  famous Indian artist,  he is also renowned for his close association with Gandhi. Some of his famous works include  "Krishna andRadha",  and "Portrait of Gandhi".

    (image credit:- wikipedia)

    Sayed Haider Raza 

    A truly modernist painter Raza is among the popular  artists in India-  for his use of bright colours. Haider Raza indulged in and perfected abstract art style, some of his famous works include  "Saurashtra",  "Haldi Grinders",  and  "Nagmandala".

    (image credit:- wikipedia)

    Akbar Padamsee 

    Padamsee is a modernist painter, with a place alongside the  famous artists of India.  He is known for his experimental artwork, around form and colour. He created art in a figurative style and a few of his famous works include  "Nude",  "Metascape",  and  "Mirror Image".

    (image credit:- Outlook India)

    Amrita Shergil 

    Shergil is one creative  Indian famous artist,  known for her portraits and paintings of authentic Indian life and landscapes. Her famous works include  "Young Girls",  "Group of Three Girls",  and  "The Bride's Toilet".

    (image credit:- wikipedia)

    Kalyanmal Sahu 

    Sahu is an Indian painter inspired by the impressionist style. His celebrated works include  "Indian Village",  "AKashmiriHouseboat",  and  "Evening at Delhi".

    (image credit:- facebook)


    Gaitonde is an  Indian famous artist,  renowned for his abstract style and clever use of colour and texture. Some of his famous works include  "Untitled", "1974",  and  "Untitled(Bull Fight)".

    (image credit:- the Indian express)

    Ram Kumar 

    Associated with the progressive artists’ group, Kumar was an  Indian famous artist  who created abstract and modernist art. He created landscapes in oil or acrylic. A few of his popular works include  "Varanasi",  "Ghat Series",  and  "Village Landscape".

    (image credit:- the Asian age)

    MF Hussain 

    Hussain is a 20th-century  Indian famous artist,  with worldwide acclaim. Known for his bold art, and expressive style, some of Hussain’s famous works are-  "The Horse",  "Mother Teresa",  and  "The Last Supper".

    (image credit:- pinterest)

    Malvika Raj 

    Malvika Raj is among the popular contemporary  Indian artists.  She is famous for her use of bold colours and creative vision that explores the facets of Indian culture and life at large. 
    Her works include-  "The Ganga",  "The Journey",  and "The Flower Seller".

    (image credit:- facebook)

    Sita Devi 

    An ingenious  famous Indian artist  of the Madhubani tradition, Sita Devi is revered for intricate paintings, that come alive with colour and variance. Some of her famous works include "The Peacock", "The Elephant", and "The Goddess".

    (image credit:- pinterest)

    Swarna Chitrakar 

    Chitrakar is a  Bengali  folk artist. Her great contribution to art lies in addressing social and cultural issues prevalent in the country through her paintings.  "The Sari Maker", "The Wedding Feast", and "The Temple".

    (image credit:- pattachitra)

    Ganesh Pyne 

    Ganesh Pyne is one of the  famous artists of India,  from Bengal popular for his evocative and thought-provoking paintings, centered around themes of  Bengali  lore, and mythology. His exquisite works include "The Hungry Stone", "The Last Supper", and "The Night Watchman".

    (image credit:- mutual art)

    Wasim Kapoor 

    Honoured as one of the most eminent contemporary  Indian artists,  Kapoor was and continues to be a very popular figurative artist. Multimedia installations by him explore the complex themes of identity and politics creatively. Works by him, include- "A Suitable Girl", "Weighing Scale", and "The Death of Distance".

    (image credit:- the creative post)

    B. Prabha 

    Prabha is an  Indian famous artist  revered for her expressionist style. The figurative paintings in oil by her, mostly depict the pensive woman in one dominant hue. Her most famous works include- "Two Women", "Mother and Child", and "Fisherwomen".

    (image credit:- pinterest)

    M. V. Dhurandhar

    Dhurandhar is remembered most as the  Indian, famous artist  who illustrated the average, colonial-era woman. in celebrated Indian painter and illustrator known for his humorous and satirical works. Some of his famous works include "Mangeshi Temple", "Dadar Beach", and "Ganesh Visarjan".

    (image credit:- pinterest)

    Satyajit Ray 

    Satyajit Ray is an Indian filmmaker par excellence, an iconic screenwriter, and a graphic artist. Popular for his films such as  "Pather Panchali",  "Charulata",  and  "Shatranj Ke Khiladi",  and his illustrations for his books and magazines.

    (image credit:- wikipedia)

    C. Kondaiah Raju 

    Kondaiah is a renowned  Indian, famous artist  known for his realistic and detailed depictions of rural life and landscapes. "The Banyan Tree", "A Market Scene", and "The Village Fair" are some of his works.

    (image credit:- pinterest)

      Jivya Soma Mashe 

      Belonging to Maharashtra, Mashe is a gifted Warli artist. He is a  famous Indian artist,  celebrated for his traditional paintings. His art presents a moving picture of the tribal life and culture of the region, and his works include "The Harvest", "The Wedding", and "The Dance of Joy".

      (image credit:- wikipedia)

      In conclusion, not only are our revered artists popular in India but they have won several awards world wide.  Indian art and paintings  with their folklores have become popular worldwide thanks to the  famous Indian artists.

      Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ on Famous Artists of India

      Who is the famous artist ofPichwaiart?
      There are a few famousPichwai  Indian artists,  namely-Kalyanmal Sahu,Sushil Soni, Shehzad Ali Sherani, and Nihal Chand.  Pichwai  traditional Indian art form originated in Rajasthan.

      Who is the famousCheriyalartist?
      Vaikuntam fromCheriyalis an exceptionally  famous Indian artist  in theCheriyalform. This art form makes use ofNakashi,and Sri Vaikuntam has been makingCheriyalart for three decades now.Cheriyalart form has its origins in Telangana.

      Who is the most famous artist in India?
      As there are many  famous artists of India,  in various fields such as painting, sculpture, and film-making, it becomes difficult to ascertain who among them is the most famous. However, popular opinion holds that Raja Ravi Varma one of the earliest  Indian artists-  the painter is most famous. 
      Later prominent  Indian artists  of great talent include M. F. Hussain, S.H. Raza, and Tyeb Mehta. 

      Who is the famous artist of Madhubani?
      Jagdamba Devi, Mahasundari Devi, Ganga Devi, and Bharti Dayal are among the most popular  Indian artists  of theMadhubaniart form, the traditional art form from the Mithila region of Bihar. All of them have received national recognition for their contributions to Madhubani art. 


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