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    Be Festive Ready With 15 Exclusive Home Decor Ideas

    Be Festive Ready With 15 Exclusive Home Decor Ideas

    We Indians love festivals. We wait for different festivals like Diwali, Holi and more. People invite others into their homes during these occasions, for which your house must be well decorated in keeping with the festive mood. There are many modern and vintage items that you can use to decorate your home. So, here are the 15 best home decor ideas you can choose from depending on your budget and preferences. 

    1. Triple drawers 

    One of the best living room decor ideas is ceramic or pottery items. There are different kinds of ceramic items available for use. But one unique idea is the small ceramic drawers available online. These drawers are beautifully crafted and can be placed in your living room or TV cabinet. These can be used for decorative purposes and for keeping small things.

    Triple drawers

    2.  Wooden idols

    You will naturally want some unique decoration ideas for your home. Many festivals in India are based on some rituals surrounding a puja. For example, Diwali is an occasion to get the blessings of Devi Laxmi and, in some places, Maa Kali. So, decorating your puja rooms also becomes essential. You can get idols of Ganesh Ji and Laxmi Devi or idols of Maa Durga for your puja room. You can also get idols of Radha Krishna if you are a devotee of Krishna.

    Wooden idols

    3. Diyas and candles

    These are some traditional decor ideas you can use for your home. One of the most auspicious Indian festivals is Diwali. During Diwali, every Indian household lights a candle or a Diya to eliminate the darkness within and outside them. So, one of the best Diwali decorating ideas is to use decorative Diyas and candles. These items can be available in different sizes and shapes. You can randomly put them in different parts of your house or decorate them in a particular order. Another good idea is to draw rangolis and then put the Diyas in the middle to create a beautiful illusion.

    Diyas and candles

    4. Puja thalis

    There are many pooja room decoration ideas that you can utilise. Puja is incomplete with a Puja thali. Diwali puja thalis combine all the necessary items required for the Puja. You will find a large number of decorative Puja thalis online. You can also get combos of puja thalis, incense sticks and candles as well. 

    Puja thalis

    5. Curtains and bedsheets

    One good house decor idea can be using new bedsheets and new curtains to bring in a combination of different colours and patterns. You can shop for these curtains and bed sheets online

    . You can also buy wool blankets,handloom bedsheets, printed bedcovers, and Kantha work bedcovers. For curtains, you may check out Applique work curtains,silk curtains and hand block print curtains. You can mix and match colours or get your house the same kinds of curtains and bedsheets.



    6. Pots and planters

    Plants are a great way to decorate your house. Many indoor plants do not require much care to thrive. So, keeping plants like these on windows can be a great way to bring a touch of nature into your house. You can also opt for wall hangers for plants if you have a shortage of space. There are different kinds of handmade pots and home decor planters available online. You will get these pots and planters at huge discounts and also in different shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns. 

    Pots and planters

    7. Vases

    Vases can also be used as room decoration items. So, if you want to decorate the table tops of your bedrooms or living rooms, then vases are no doubt a great option. If you love ethnic styles, don't forget to get Terracotta vases or ceramic ones. These vases usually come with beautiful art forms painted by the best artists, and beautifully depict Indian arts and culture. 

    Pots and planters

    8. Diffusers

    More than anything, you want your house to smell nice. You want people to compliment your house for the pleasant aroma it has. Room fresheners are available on the market, but it's best to get a fancy-looking diffuser if you consider decorating. You will get handmade diffusers in different aromas like basil, lavender and others. You can place it on tables or cabinets to ensure that the aroma gets appropriately circulated.


    9. Agarbatti stands 

    Agarbatti stands are a good item for decorating your puja room. If you are willing to buy agarbatti stands, it is better to buy a handmade one rather than the iron or fancy ones. Handmade ones are more beautiful and give a different vibe to the room.



    10. Handmade torans 

    Torans are used to decorate the entrance of houses. You will get beautiful handmade torans for your house. These can also be used for your hall decoration ideas.

    Handmade torans

    11. Bells and chimes 

    Placing bells and chimes in your puja room is also a good way of decorating your house. Bells are usually used in pujas. You will quickly get hanging bells and brass bells in tribal designs online. 

    Bells and chimes

    12. Artworks and paintings

    Some of the good decorative items for the living room can be wall paintings. Wall paintings can brighten up the whole space. You can put your own framed artwork on walls, or if you want, you can also purchase these online. Art forms like traditional Mysore art, Patachitra and Kalighat paintings, Madhubani paintings, and Patua paintings are famous. You can also put up Gond artworks of Madhya Pradesh or Bhil paintings of MP.

    Artworks and paintings

    13. Wall Pouch hangers

    Wall pouch hangers are exceptionally functional for your home. You can always keep it inside or hang it for decorative purposes.

    Wall Pouch hangers

    14. Handmade towel hangers

    Towel hangers are not so important when it comes to home decoration. But adding a handmade towel hanger will catch the attention of your guests this festive season. Sometimes simple yet elegant things can catch people's attention, and these handmade towel hangers may stand out in this regard.



    15. Dream catchers and wooden blocks 

    These are, again, straightforward yet elegant items that you can use to decorate your house. Dream catchers come with beautiful Mandala art, which you can hang on your bedroom walls or in your living room. These brighten up the space. Wooden blocks are visually pleasing because they come with beautiful art forms. These can be placed on TV cabinets or anywhere else. 

    Dream catchers and wooden blocks

    iTokri is an e-commerce platform that sells each of these items at an affordable price. If you need home decorations for festivals, this website is the best place for you. 

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