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    Crafts of Different Indian States

    Crafts of Different Indian States

    Introduction of Famous Craft of India:

    India is a country that is heavily rich in culture and diversity, along with the arts and crafts that come along with it.Indian handicrafts include many like Manipur handicrafts,jodhpur handicrafts, Andhra pradesh handicrafts, Tripura handicrafts, and more. Theyhave been well known and acclaimed and held in high regard by other art communities and countries for always maintaining traditional and cultural aspects, being representative of bright colours and designs, and adding a vibrant stance to any location that it may be kept at.These Indian craftproducts are usually made mostly by hand and show the effort and perseverance that has been put in over time. India is a melting pot of cultures and all the states have their significant lines of arts and crafts that represent them in the world of craft. 

    Details and History of Indian Crafts: 

     The list of India Local Crafts have aged beautifully over time, started their journey in the Indus Valley civilization, and have since then made a mark on the modern world as well. All the states and their crafts have a unique and special appearance and a personal meaning to each location. 

    Andhra Pradesh contributes a lot to the crafts community via the Kondapalli toys and Nirmal paintings that reflect a strong golden hue. One of the most famous examples of the latter is the Kalamkari paintings. Thefamous handicrafts of Kerala are known for their beauty because of the talents in artisans' hands.Kondapalli toys are wooden objects that get their name from their original location in the Krishna District. They are made of Tella Poniki softwood and have been a craft tradition for over 4 centuries.

    kondapalli toy

    Kalamkari paintings on the other hand are hand-painted or block-printed cotton textiles produced in the state of Andhra. The literal interpretation of the name means “artwork using pen”, and is done on silk and cotton fabrics using natural dyes such as indigo, mustard, rust, and even peels. You can also find handicrafts of Arunachal Pradesh, which are way more unique and aesthetic at the same time.

    Kalamkari bed cover

    The Northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh is famous for an array of craft products, such as masks, wood vessels, silver objects, and even bamboo and cane products. They are also known for  Mishmi and Sherdukpen shawls. Most of the women of this state indulge in weaving practices by needle tensions or on coin looms and use this as their primary occupation and pastime. The design patterns are largely distinct and use graphic motifs and geometrical shapes.
    Bamboo handicrafts of Assam are one of the biggest symbols of the state and have held this position for several years. From bamboo and cane products to metal and pottery handicrafts, Assam has it all. The bamboo here is known as ‘green gold’ and is one of the most essential raw materials, and is used to make furniture, baskets, hand fans, and even musical instruments. Similarly, Madhubani paintings of Bihar, also known as Mithila paintings, are one of the traditional folk arts known all over the world and art community. 

    Madhubani cushion cover

    Bell metal art or Dhokra art, along with Godna art are privy to the state of Chattisgarh and are found in abundance due to the elaborate variety. Dhokra is one of the earliest known methods of metal casting for handicrafts and is known to have begun in prehistoric times. The figurines depict primitive and folk motifs, as well as animal and other Hindu deities.


    Though primarily known as a travel destination, Goa is also known for sea shell crafts and hand-painted tiles. The advantage of serene beaches gives this state an abundance of shells, which the craftsmen use for lampshades, mirrors, earrings, anklets, and other jewelry. The hand-painted tiles were brought to the state by the Portuguese and have since been a key craft of the area. The central colors used for these are blue and yellow, depicting mainly floral and religious patterns. 

    From beadwork to Zari work, the State of Gujarat houses an array of beautiful crafts. Originated in Saurashtra and Khambat district of Gujarat, bead craft is sewn onto fabrics to enhance the look, as well as used to make 3D structures like bowls, and showpieces. Using ‘Rann ki Mitti’, Khavda pottery practiced in north Gujarat is done so by very few remaining families, thus putting it on the verge of extinction. However, the delicate but sturdy craft is eye-catching and had designs and geometrical motifs embodying it, while it turns useful as water storage matkas, urns, plates, and even lamps. 

    Bandhani silk

    Getting to the tip of the country, the Himalayan state is home to some of the best crafts and handicrafts in India. The handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh are known for their own beauty. They specialize in carpentry, weaving, set embroidery, and wool fabrics. Shawls are a big wow factor of the state, along with paintings and stone crafts as well. Himachal Pradesh is abundant in its supply of timber, owing to the lush forests, and this is one of the central reasons that wood carving is very religiously followed here. One of the main uses for these is in the temples, as well as for making wooden jewellery. Karnataka is known for its contribution towards the production of Kathakali masks, the epitome of culture and craft, as well as coir products. Coir products, made from the fibres of coconuts, are popular for their durability and biodegradability. 


    Lastly, we talk about the state of Maharashtra, and the plethora of crafts that it produces for the country. From the Sahayadri regions of the state, comes the art of Warli paintings, which is a style of tribal art. The artists use their clay and mud houses as blank canvases to etch their thoughts, designs, and drawings onto them. They use geometric shapes to depict scenes of everyday life, hunting, cooking, etc., as well as nature and festivities. These paintings are only done using white paints that are extracted from rice paste, gum, and water. 


    Another specialty of the area is Kolhapuri chappals, which are footwear made out of leather. It required very skilled artistry, precise cutting, pattern making, and attachment of the top and heel of the shoe. It is known for its vibrant colors and long durability. 

    Products available on iTokri:

    iTokri, an avid supporter of all crafts and handicrafts that India and Indian states have to offer, houses an array of these items. Kondapalli toys of Andhra Pradesh, are found in many different varieties and forms, as wellas Kalamkari block print products, like blouse pieces, scarves, bags, and even masks and Kurtis are available. Bamboo products like candle stands, wall hangings, and wall frames, along with jewellery made with the same material, are a dedication to the craft of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. A variation ofthe Madhubani paintings from Bihar, in the form of printed cushion covers, are found on the platform, along with some hand-painted paper-mache objects like bowls, wall decor, figurines, etc. Representing Chhattisgarh,come Dhokra products on iTokri, including vertical mirror walls, dhokra boxes, wind chimes, and even some lovely jewelry pieces. Beadwork jewelry of Gujarat, in the form of earrings, rings and necklaces are present,while Khavda pottery terracotta products, like hand-painted square coasters, could be found here.Thehandicrafts in hyderabad are way more aesthetically pleasing, because of its existence.

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    From the above blog, you can learn about the different crafts that are done all over India. You can check out iTokri, an Indian Handloom store, which can deliver quality products that are been done by the artisans of India.


    • What are the crafts in different regions of India?


    Famous From

    Kondapalli Toys

    Andhra Pradesh

    Bamboo Products

    Assam / Arunachal Pradesh

    Madhubani Paintings


    Bead Work Jewellery


    Dhokra Products


    Wood Work

    Northern States like Punjab, Jharkand

    • Is there any place from where we can find all states' craft products in one place?

    Yes, you can purchase from iTokri. iTokri, an Indian Handicraft store, where you can get all crafts of India directly from the artisans.

    • Is there any places to explore more indian crafts?

    For more Indian crafts, please check iTokri, an Indian HAndicraft store which has unique handcrafted, handpainted, and handcarved products from the best local artisans of India.


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