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    How Corporate Gifting Increases Employee Productivity?

    How Corporate Gifting Increases Employee Productivity?

    Gifting - A Beautiful Way of Expressing Gratitude

    Gifting is a great way to express your emotions without saying much. The thought of selecting a gift for your loved ones translates into the joy one experiences on receiving a gift. 

    The act of gifting does so much for yourself in addition to spreading joy to the receiver. The act of giving, in its own right, is one of the most significant ways to stimulate your brain positively. (1

    Gifting can be of many kinds : 

    • Annual gifting 

    People might indulge in annual gifting, like sending a gift at the end of the year, a new year gift. People across the globe widely practise annual gifting. 

    • Memorial gifting

    This type of gifting refers to a gift that is a tribute to a person or an event. It is a great way to give respect to someone or maybe even a significant event that has happened in one’s life. 

    • Corporate gifting 

    Corporate gifting refers to the gifting practices indulged in by business houses to enhance their business relations and increase their goodwill. 

    • Christmas/festive gifting

    People usually give gifts to each other during festivities. Some people giveChristmas gifts,Diwali gifts or any different kinds of gifts that are culturally appropriate and significant for them. 

    • Milestone gifting 

    People can also givegifts to their loved ones as a symbol of their elation at the completion or attainment of a milestone. For example birth of a child, the construction of a new home etc. 

    Let Us Talk A Bit In Detail About Corporate Gifting's Meaning 

    Corporate gifting sends a token of appreciation and gratitude as a gift to your clients, customers and employees. Corporate gifting is a great way to positively reinforce a company’s business relationships. 

    When it comes to corporate gifting, a company can indulge in this practice; annually, on special occasions or when a milestone is achieved. 

    Why Corporate Gifting Is Important

    Corporate gifting is essential for numerous reasons, but the COVID-19 pandemic has given a new meaning to the same. The rising work-from-home culture can make the employees and members of the management go into a rut, as they have to balance their work life and home life from the same place. By giving corporate gifts to one’s business associates, a business can provide a tangible and positive stimulus to the people associated with it and encourage them to do well. 
    Furthermore, the following benefits can be attributed to corporate gifting :

    • Motivates employees

    By giving corporate gifts to employees, an organisation can motivate their employees to work efficiently. Gifting is a great way to stimulate someone’s mind and earn respect and loyalty positively. An organisation that indulges in regular corporate gifting can create a harmonious work environment for employees and management to work in amazing synergy. 

    • Feeling appreciated

    Corporate gifting is an excellent way to express your appreciation and admiration towards your employees. Gifts for productivity are a valuable way of patting someone’s back for doing good work. When your employees feel appreciated, they will automatically do their best to enhance their performance and improve the quality of their deliverables. 

    •  Builds loyalty

    Any organisation's success is related to its associates' loyalty, be they employees, clients or customers. Corporate gifting is an excellent way to build a loyal customer base that means the success of one’s business. The loyalty of employees is also paramount for the smooth working of an organisation. 

    • Gifting reduces stress in the workplace

    Gifting is a lovely gesture and can take the edge off the stress of one’s workplace. As a result, the organisation's atmosphere becomes very pleasant, and everyone feels motivated to give their best. 

    • Shows your appreciation & respect

    Employee engagement and employee satisfaction gifts are excellent ways to make your employees feel that their hard work is being noted and they are appreciated for the same. This can yield excellent long-term results for your organisation. 

    • Enhances workplace positivity

    A positive work environment breeds happy employees who do their best for the betterment of the organisation. The management operating from a positive workplace can also make optimum strategic decisions for the company's growth. Employee morale gifts are a great way to achieve this kind of environment for any organisation. 

    • Contributes to the company's value

    A company that pays attention to motivating and encouraging its employees, earning customer loyalty and creating a positive workplace enhances its value by engaging in corporate gifting and other brand-building activities, and the goodwill of an organisation increases, which directly boosts its value. 

    • Develops creativity and innovation

    When employees feel motivated to perform to the best of their abilities and the management works in a thriving business environment, work is rife with innovation and creativity. Corporate gifting is a great way to bolster the workforce's creativity and innovative spirit. 

    • Reduced absenteeism

    Employee absenteeism and attrition are primarily caused due to dissatisfaction at the workplace, amongst other reasons. Corporate gifts for employees can create workplace momentum by positively impacting the environment. 

    • Increase repeat customers 

    When a company expresses its care for its esteemed customers in the form of corporate gifting, they also feel amply valued. This can positively impact the customers' decision to revisit that same brand for its respective product or service. 

    The practice of corporate gifting has been around for many years, and it has played a significant role in helping organisations achieve their desired goals and objectives. 

    While corporate gifting can mean different things for different organisations, it is essential to note that any organisation's top management should list some structure for corporate giftinggiftings, like pricing, product options etc. An organisation should opt for functional gifts for corporate gift ideas as they will depict the thought of selecting them. 


    • What are some tips that one can use before charting out corporate gift ideas? 

    Before selecting the corporate gift that an organisation will give, it is essential to remember the intent of gifting, the nature of your respective organisation and the preferences of your target audience (gift receivers) and the money you are willing to spend on the gifts. 

    • What should be the ideal price range of a corporate gift? 

    The ideal range of corporate gifts can be different for different organisations. The top management should ensure that their gifting price range isn't too exorbitanttheexorbitant finest artisans across the country have made or too frugal. 

    • What are examples of some of the best corporate gifts to give? 

    An organisation can opt for coasters with a kettle-shaped stand made from Sheesham wood, wind chime elephant nine metal bells, handcrafted wall clock or any other useful thing for the employees or customers. 

    • Where can I get the best corporate gifts from? 

    You can get the best corporate gifts from iTokri because they have an expansive collection of aesthetically pleasing and functional products made by the finest artisans across the country. 

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