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Kadam ke “Kadam”: A step towards use of sustainable handicraft

From The Craft Masala ! Blog


The world now believes in eco-friendly sustainable products that gives a natural cruelty free feel in our lifestyle.The concept corresponds to the belief that without major changes to the way our planet is run, it will suffer irreparable degradation. Craft also plays a very important role in this field as plastic free products would elevate the longevity of a healthy environment. 

Kadam Haat is one such platform, which uses natural raw materials,100% handmade, durable, eco-friendly to create productsand crafts many elegant and beautiful products such ashandicraft baskets, trays, wall plates, bags, mats to name a few. Local artisans and especially craft enthusiast women who dream to enhance their skills often indulge in the curation of these handicrafts. Artisans work tirelessly and dedicate their time and effort to create these sustainable handicraft items for your beautiful homes. Kadam craft is indeed timeless and would never run out of fashion, as any indeginous craft or skill only adds up to its peak. These products are appealing through and throughout as they are made of natural fiber, and the quality is impeccable. 

Kadam Haat has brought together artisans from various states like West Bengal, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, & Kashmir to generate a sustainable society. For the past forteen years, Kadam Haat has trained more than 1000 Artisans, who are now creating stunning handcrafted products.Kadam Haat, the NGO running this production line,provides a life of choice and dignity to women and youth of rural India. It iseliminating the youth migration from small rural areas to urban cities by generating local employment opportunities.Kadam Haat graciously uses all its profits to train more budding artisans in small scale areas and develop infrastructure, such as solar power and tube wells, in rural areas.

Itokri is fortunate enough to have associated with such an esteemed platform and is delighted to contribute to their noble cause by displaying their items, with unique design, for your daily living and will compliment your home. Itokri aims toconnect rural producers with the urban consumer and generate demand for handicrafts and eco-friendly, ethically handmade products from India.

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