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    Styling Indian Ethnic Sarees

    Styling Indian Ethnic Sarees


    The word “sari” means “strip of cloth” in Sanskrit. Saree has existed for almost more than 5,000 years now and still holds the same popularity as it did back then. This strip of cloth has been worn since the Indus Valley civilisation and the time of the Aryans. During the time of the Persians and Greeks, stitching and wearing sewn clothing started in India. Therefore, by the time of the Mughals, people adapted to the modern style of draping and styling which enhanced the look of the garment.


     Even today, it is the most worn garment in India irrespective of age, gender, socioeconomic status, or religion. Now we have various traditional designers and stylish sarees, available in all kinds of colors and materials coming from all the different states of India. The fondness for saree never fades, which is why every woman's closet is packed withmagnificent sarees. A saree doesn't only show the culture of the Indian women but also provides a sophisticated chic look. 


    We have all watched those scenic shots of a Bollywood actress dancing in a beautiful saree with SRK and wished to look that pretty in a saree!!! We have all been there. Here are some cool styling tips for your next “ Main Hoon Na ki Miss. Chandni'' moment -


    Chanderi sarees are popular in Madhya Pradesh and are famous for their lightweight. The designs on these sarees are usually inspired by the Chanderi sanctuaries. The Chanderi Saree, made of silk and cotton, is one of the most popular sarees among Indian ladies. Chanderi fabric is made by weaving silk and golden zari into cotton yarn, bringing in a shimmering effect. While styling your Chanderi saree, you must let the saree shine as brightly as possible. Go for a bun hairdo or a high pony to let it shine. You can show off your creativity by adding flowers and hair accessories to your hairstyle to give yourself a more youthful appearance! 



    Jamdani sarees are distinguished by their elaborate patterns and high-quality fabrics. They appear graceful due to their outstanding beauty. Authentic Jamdani saree requires hundreds of hours to weave, making the theme unique to the upper crust. However, the introduction of improved and efficient mills made the procedure simple and affordable. Bengali women adore these sarees, and their wardrobes would be incomplete without them. What more could you want when you have a sheer Jamdani saree that makes you stand out at work, special meetings, daytime events, kitty parties, and soirees? Wrap a stylish belt around the waist of the saree to create a lovely look. Depending on the color of your saree, you can wear a contrasting color belt or stick to basic colors like black, white, or maroon. Shop your Jamdani saree look from India’sbest handicraft store now!



    Kalamkari is the oldest technique of hand painting on cotton or silk fabric with a bamboo kalam/pen, which has a pierced bamboo to control the flow of dye on the fabric. This Andhra Pradesh art form is a treasured fabric among Indian women. As kalamkari print sarees frequently depict buddha and lotus, they are also known as buddha print sarees.Kalamkari sarees are lightweight, trendy, and gorgeous regardless of the material or style. These saris are a good pick for a modern, Indie-chic look when paired with oxidized jewelry, an eye-catching fancy blouse, and a stunning flower brooch in the front pallu. While Kalamkari cotton sarees are ideal for everyday use, Kalamkari silk sarees are a show-stopping statement piece for any festival. Read more about the amazingKalamkari arton iTokri!



    Bhagalpuri sarees are named after a small village in Bihar called Bhagalpur. Bhagalpur, popularly known as the Silk City, is well-renowned for producing high-quality silk sarees that are popular among women of all ages. Its mesmerizing charm and unique dyeing methods have made these designer sarees extremely popular all over the world. There is a wide range ofBhagalpuri sarees to choose from. Giccha, Eri, Katia, and mulberry are among the varieties available that enhance the look and beauty of women of all ages. Styling a Bhagalpuri saree is easy because of its traditional and antique touch. So, these sarees look best when paired with gold, silver, Kundan, and pearl jewelry. By pairing the saree with a jacket, you can dramatically upgrade your ethnic look. Wearing a saree with a long, short, or full-sleeve embroidered jacket would not only make you look classy but also give a bit of western flair to your Indian attire. 

     iTokri offers you an exclusive collection of Bhagalpuri Tussar silk sarees that will take your breath away.


    Ajrakh block print sareesare an amazing choice for an everyday look. Ajrakh is a hand-block print method used on textiles. It is completed with a wooden block. The carved wooden block has various symmetrical patterns. The handblock produces a variety of repetitive web-like designs. After the printing is completed, the cloth is colored in the solution to add the finishing touch. Ajrakh is a sustainable fashion choice that is resist-dyed with natural dyes. Indigo blue and deep red are the two most common colors seen in Ajrakh designs. Club your favorite Ajrakh saree with a black or any dark color blouse. With this traditional saree, this combination creates an awe-inspiring appearance. Ajrakh is reaching new heights of creativity with the assistance of Indian fashion designers and bringing in new trending sarees for youngsters. 


     Bengali Kantha

    Kantha is an embroidery technique that originated in Bolpur, West Bengal's Birbhum district. This embroidery, which was traditionally used to embellish quilts, is now popular on sarees, dupattas, kurtas, and even interior decor items such as bed covers and pillows. Originally, kanthas were made by village women using old cotton saris, lungis, and dhotis that had become very soft due to overuse. Five to seven of these fabrics would be placed together, using lighter colored fabrics on the outer layer to accentuate the stitching and design. Isn't this the most environmentally friendly method to recycle? Kantha designs represent folk tales, mythical backgrounds, ritualistic elements, luxuriant nature with wandering animals, temples, etc. To make an exquisite impression, pairKantha sarees with a contrasting color cotton kurta and a striking long neckpiece. To complete this amazing ethnic look, add a pair of heels. 


     These amazing ideas for modernizing your ethnic sarees can be implemented on all ages as they will help you pull off your best look and stand out at your office, cocktail parties, weddings, or any special occasion.

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