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iTokri मोहल्ला

June 28, 2012 by iTokri Wale



GS said:

Kisi chahnewaale ne tohfa bheja hai, via a product code. Till when can I use it or does it come with an expiry date?
Q 2. Anar Yellow Malkha Fabric ki kuch umeed hai? And will that fabric/kora white be good enough for a dress or is it too see through. Bahar bhi nikalna padta hai, kabhi kabhi!


NIVA Bose said:

Hi, Jia,I did not get the answer of my questain when i will get the reversable ladies jackets small size.please arrange again. Thanks


Sapna said:

Thank you so much for the items.They reached me very very quickly and I loved every single item I purchased.Thank you so much for the free gift as well.:)


NIVA Bose said:

This is my sixth parcel which I have received from Itokri today.No need to say anything about itokri ki tolii.A huge collection of fabrics,jewelry ,hand made products. sometimes I like SOLD OUT items. How shall I get that? For a ladies reversible jacket I have requested you earlier. But no jawab I have received. Please let me know about small size reversible jacket. Thanks

Radhika Balakrishnan

Radhika Balakrishnan said:

Dear Jia,
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and good shipping details.
I have always loved tradition fabrics with batik prints but many times they are not affordable. It’s good that your site has the right price. Kindly include some Bandhini material in kurtha fabric metre cutting. Also you should have some terracotta jewellery if possible. Loved the earrings you sent and the hand written note.


lokakshi said:

i have ordered three times from itokri and i just loved it and the way itokri family deals..its really amazing..i will be in itokri family always.ordering more and beautiful products.


megha said:

Today in the morning one of my classmates wore a earring which she bought from itokri…….I already am a junk jewellery addict plus a earring fanatic at that….i asked where she bought it from and i got to know of this site. Can i just say how pleased i am that i finally found a site where there is a unique collection of all things handmade. Its love at first sight with u guys………..i just luv your work. lastly, sirf ek hi request hai…..silver ke earrings rakho aap log please…..agar aye to humko please mail karna…..:) :) :)

iTokri Wale

iTokri Wale said:

Megha, A big Silver collection is on the way :) jaldi hi!


asma said:

I made my first purchase on itokri. I ordered for 14 unstitched fabric pieces because I live in a small town and these are the kind of fabrics I’ve seen at Haaths and CCIE, but can’t go all the way time and again to buy. Please have even more fabric ranges from all over India – Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Could you include juttis and mojaris, larger rugs/carpets, bandhani cotton dress fabrics, many more colours in fabrics like viid yellows, oranges and greens. How about placemats & drawstring curtains ? The site navigation is great, not at all difficult. I loved my experince at itokri, and this is one of the places where I think I want to shop for the rest of my life. Thank you.



Hey Jia, please arrange PITARA jackets reversible.Looooooooove


Sasmita said:

I had placed my first order at iTokri around the same time in 2012 and till date it remains my favourite site. What makes it different from other such retailers is how (out of) the way they deal with their customers and of course the products that are just awesome! My 1st purchase at iTokri were 2 pairs of earrings but due to some technical glitch the net banking did not go through and there was no option for either maestro or COD. Still iTokri sent me the products and only after I received it (along with another pair of earrings as a gift and a hand written note from Jia), a dummy product equivalent to the price was created for me in ebay to pay via maestro. This speaks for themselves!

Having said that, I very much agree with the above comment made by asma that you should increase the range of collection and add a little more variety by adding some of those beautiful stuff that one gets to see in Dastakar Baazar. Please add some Kutch embroidered sling bags, juttis/mojaris & kolhapuris.

Lastly, I wish iTokri grows in leaps and bounds and helps us in adding more Ajrakhs, Tussars, Daboo et al to our collection! :D I also wish Jia, Nitin and iTokri ki toli all the more success and lots of love and luck.

P.S: Never given a feedback anywhere, but iTokri beat me on that. :)

iTokri Wale

iTokri Wale said:

@Asma : There are more than 200 new prints lined up in next few days time. All busy preparing for Diwali :)
@Sasmita : We belive in trusting first and then expecting :) We hope to keep up with your expectations every year… More and more collections are lined up within next few days… flilling up iTokri for festival season.

Lot of pressure is mounting for Mojris :) lagta hai kuch karna padega!!!



Sasmita said:

Thank you iTokri for the wonderful collection of sling bags from Kala Raksha. I just hope there is enough stock to pick one around Diwali.


Sneh said:

Lovely collection of beautiful handloom/handmade products..feel like buying all. Ordered my first purchase today and now eagerly waiting for delivery!



Hi Jiya,
I received my first order yesterday.Quality of the product is very good and thanks for the lovely gift and letter.


samiha said:

lovely product, fast delivery and excellent service . The hand written – welcome to itokri adda was the icing on the cake. Not to mention the free gift ! shall order again , and will definitely recommend it to others.


pragya said:

Jia, you have turned me into an evil maasi…! I order the marwari doll couple for my niece who is coming down from US after more than a year… the doll is so cute i have decided to keep it for myself now :p no im placing an order right now!
thanks a lot for the quick delivery and the bonus earrings! they are beautiful as was everything else that i ordered! keep up the good work!


Emily said:

I got my order today and everything is lovely! That was some super-fast shipping, too – from India to America in less than 2 days!

Thank you for the little elephant keychain, I’m obsessed with elephants so it was perfect.


CS said:

I am happy with the prompt service from itokri but i am disappointed with the workmanship from the last two times. I would like it if the products made available are smoother in finish.. which they aren’t (some that i had ordered). the hasli that i ordered has such sharp edges that it will hurt and plus this was after i was using my credits from i tokri taht were credited to me on account of poorly finished earrings that gave me the same problem. Would appreciate it if these things could be looked into and improved upon.


Tushita...!!! said:

Interesting wallpaper….!!! Whoever has designed it…well done! It gives a picture of our society very well. It’s like a sattire!! I especially liked the way a hand emerges out of the loop of the digit 9 and pours water to d rishimuni…also the way a photographer is trying to capture a picture from the crown..probably hoping for a masala for his daily or the magazine he works with..or maybe just an idle we many these days around us…who keep posting their clicks on facebook…And I simply loved d idea of writing itokri parde par…using an old style projector….I kept admiring this wallpaper….I am a fan..!!!!


rashmi said:

loved the products….

Malvika Nirajan

Malvika Nirajan said:

Hi Nitin, Hemant and Jia
My jugaad curtains have arrived and they look fantastic! add a whole lot to my living room. Though this is my first purchase, itokri is one site Im hooked on to for long hours…love your products and appreciate how you are lending support to traditional art and craft. That personal note was very sweet and not to mention the pretty key chains…it’s a special team which will go a long way. And I am sure I will always be with you:)

Lakshmi Rao

Lakshmi Rao said:

Itokri is mytokri. Love your collection , believe it or not I am kinda spelt wading the word so much in Bangalore that 6 of my colleagues have started ordering the collections. Your prices are reasonable and the materials are of a very good quality. Believe me you guys will beat fabindia and any other such outlets which sells goods overpriced. Thank you for the cute keychain and a handwritten note. You give attention. You make shopping personalised. Kudos to ur team

Sonali Amonkar

Sonali Amonkar said:

I had shopped for a brass bracelet at a Dastkar exhibition in Pune some years back. Then I saw this website from a share on facebook. I always wished I could find something of this same material! That brass copper mixed material has lasted for so many years and is kinda my lucky one too! And I found earrings to match on your website! Yeay!
I loved the personal touch of the personal written card and the complimentary gift too. I have already placed my second order!
Best site ever. For the personal touch.. I give you 11 out of 10 :)


Geeta said:

Love ur collection. Liked ur products and ur surprise gift & message with the delivery.

Thanks, like to visit u again.


Geeta said:

Received my second order, more impressive than the display. Products are unique of their kind.


pooja said:

itokri da jawab nahin!!

Amazzing products.. the only site that gives such a detailed info about their products and that too in such great style… love it!! you spoil us with free gifts and not just that, the cute and warm note leaves us with a smile the entire day..

Keep up the style and your warmth..

Cheers to the entire team!!


Saumya said:

In love with the whole concept and products.. esp how cool Hinglish sounds! :D
Just ordered 15 pieces as a bridesmaid souvenir for my wedding to gift my girles.. Eagerly waiting! :) All the love!


Sunita said:

Dear Jia, more than the purchase I look forward to the small tokens that are sent along with the parcels. :) Love the Bindas Range of fabrics. Please do more and with smaller prints – like small scooters, small cups! Thank you.


Anwesha said:

Dear Jia,

iTokri is undoubtedly awesome, but what intrigued me the MOST about it is the sheer warmth you guys spread to so many people from so far away :)
I REALLY wasn’t expecting a handwritten note from you (which for some reason, I have kept safely) on an unevenly shaped paper and SUCH a cute free gift :)
Loved it. Loved the gesture. So informal. So cute of you guys :)
Needless to say the collection is beautiful, but you guys won over my heart :)


Apeksha said:

Ok high time , just get the Mojaris…


sneha said:

All the products are amazing. I have placed my first order today. Reading the comments posted here, I am very eager to receive my order.


pratibha said:

am new here and yet to receive my order. But like the aura here which has an earthy fragrance. Could you please include hand knit items from Himachal, Nepal, Tibet like hand knit socks, sweaters, leg warmers etc?


pratibha said:

Received my woolen stoles, lovely! Hoping to shop more soon, my cart is overflowing. repeating my request for hand knit woolen socks, leg warmers, sock shoes, caps, mufflers, shawls , cardigans from Himachal, Tibet and Nepal.


Sasmita said:

Hey Jiya! When are the mojris coming?

Baninder Rahi

Baninder Rahi said:

loved the collection. Today I placed my second order. I would love to see more female kurtas.


pratibha said:

Received my second order! Waiting for Himachali hand knit socks, sweaters, sock shoes, hooded shawls .Love it here, keep growing and keep creating


pratibha said:

One suggestion, Please have an option in the cart ` save it for later’. I can not buy all the things I like but want to have these in my cart to choose to order priority wise.


Richa said:

received my shawl yesterday…And I,m simply loving it… Thanks a ton iTokri
I am your fan :)
PS thanks for the lovely earrings


Nair said:

Received my 1st order. Thank you so much Jia. Luvd your hand written note and your cute gift too. It was a very warm personal gesture. Keep up the lovely work my dear. All the best.


pratibha said:

Thank you for adding the hand knit items! Have ordered two pairs of leg warmers. Please make available hand knit pure wool sock shoes, socks, hooded shawls, sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, parkas. Also would appreciate if the finishing is a little more smooth. I love you guys!

Varuna Nagpal RaiSinghani

Varuna Nagpal RaiSinghani said:

hello lovely people,
As always i “loved” the stuff i had ordered.
Got it soooo jaldi..
thanks a million..u made my day…
kip up d good work :)
n a BIG hi to Hemant :)


pratibha said:

Am a regular customer now. But a little disappointed by my recent purchase of hand knit leg warmers, one the size was small and two the craftsmanship is very crude. It is bursting at the seams as not sewn properly. Please look into the matter. I need to buy more.


Swati said:

Received my silk stole today. It is beautiful. That bit was expected. But what I really loved was the surprise gift and the beautiful handwritten note packed within. Who does that in todays world!! Magical! Thanks a tonne!

Mrunal Lele

Mrunal Lele said:

Hey Jia,
Just opened the parcel and read your note. Loved the gift and your seal. (Obviously, loved what i had ordered … ;) ) What more can I say about you guys that hasnt been said in these comments. You guys are fantastic. You guys make an effort to show that shoppers, like me, are of great value to you. Thank you for making my shopping experience wonderfully memorable. :)

Lots of love,

Arani Banerjee

Arani Banerjee said:

Dear Jia,
I received my first order from itokri this afternoon. Many thanks for the little gift. The packaging, the little hand-written note and the care and quietness about the things were amazing! My wife and I are already itokri fans.



Megha said:

I am spending all my money here. I wouldnt normally buy without feeling the fabric but I have come to trust this site after some orders. Always well priced and lovely options. Also I was born in Gwalior and lived there for part of my childhood :)


renu said:

I am a big fan of yours now as you have got such a good collection,I just want to mention one thing that in your unstitched suit collection the suits are so beautiful but length of the fabric is always less.

Jyothirmayi V

Jyothirmayi V said:

Dear Jia,
I loved the surprise gift and the note made it all very sweet and special. One more fan added to your already existing fan list. Really amazing stuff on your website. And I loved the dokra jeweller that I ordered.
Thanks a ton!!

Loads of love


Nidhi said:

Awesome collection….amazing prices..loved my surprise gift n the hand written note was heart warming…going for another round of shopping soon….
P.S.-plz add some collection in appliqué section of dupattas n stoles….
Thanx sooo much n keep up the good work..

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