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    Thread & Beadwork Rakhis

    Beautiful Handmade Rakhis!

    It is difficult to put into words the unique bond between a brother and sister since it is so deep. The relationship between siblings is unique and highly regarded throughout the world. However, the relationship is even more important in India due to a massive tradition called "Raksha Bandhan," which honours sibling affection. The phrase "the knot or tie of safety" is how the occasion is translated into Sanskrit, where "Raksha" refers to the virtue of security and "Bandhan" to the act of binding. A sister will tie a rakhi around her brother's wrist on this special occasion in a gesture of prayer for his luck, well-being, and success. In return, the brother promises to always keep his sister secure and provides her gifts.

    As you do every year, you will soon start your search for unique rakhis for this highly awaited and significant occasion. But why go through all of this hassle when you can purchase inexpensive designer rakhi and effortless beads work rakhi at iTokri? yes! We have a great selection of rakhis for you to choose from! 

    Range Of Thread & Beadwork Handmade Rakhis At iTokri

    iTokri offers a variety of handmade rakhis for brothers, that will make your special day even more special!! Let's explore the range of rakhis we have. 

    Bamboo Craft Beadwork Rakhi by Baansuli

    To honour the close sibling bond, newly released eco-friendly Bamboo rakhis were made by hand in Dangs using a locally accessible variety of Manvel bamboo. The "Bandhan" rakhi series celebrates unions woven from strings of affection. This bamboo crafting method incorporates weaving, splitting, and quilling. We offer a variety of flowers & leaves/ motifs, for bamboo rakhi.

    Jan Sandesh's "Butterfly" Upcycled Thread & Beadwork Kids Rakhi

    For the extremely special khatta meetha relationship between brother and sister, colourful kids' rakhi with upcycled thread work has been handcrafted. Blanket stitch embroidery is the type of needlework employed here in this thread work rakhi. The rakhi makers use waste materials like paper scraps, plastic bags, newspapers, and scrap materials to make small crafts and other trinkets with wonderfully brilliant colours.

    No matter how many Rakhis you order, you will also receive a pair of adorable complimentary Roli-chawal glass bottles.

    Beads & Thread Embroidered Reusable Rakhi by Neeli Titlee

    For the extremely special relationship between brother and sister, Neeli Titlee handcrafted a colourful beads and thread reusable embroidered rakhi. Dual Avtaar Rakhis from Neeli Titlee are a one-time, non-ikat project that was created in collaboration with the community Amdavadi women embroiderers to help them during the pandemic and produce something lovely and long-lasting that would be appropriate for the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

    These distinctive hand-embroidered rakhis also include a braided necklace yarn that can be used as a pendant after Raksha Bandhan.

    Why Shop On iTokri?

    At iTokri, you can purchase any kind of rakhi online. On iTokri, a variety of other handcrafted items from their luxury selection are readily offered. Visit our website right away to place an order! Browse the full selection of handmade and one-of-a-kind products offered by the top handloom provider. Now that orders may be placed globally, you can  send rakhi  to your far-off brother. You may enjoy shopping on our website with no effort because it is easy to use. We also have the most affordable prices on all of our products. A wide variety of additional rakhis and gifts are also offered, including,  Rakhi Gifts for Sister,  Rakhi Gifts for Brothers,  Rakhi hampers,  lamba rakhi,  gota rakhi  and  home decor items.

    You not only get a wonderful rakhi for yourself when you buy one of our handcrafted rakhis, but you also support hundreds of artists who work tirelessly. Your purchase of a rakhi from us is a way for you to encourage and thank Indian artists.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does rakhi mean?

    The loving sister's ceremonial representation of her religious desire and prayer that her brother be led by spiritual vision is the sacred thread of Rakhi that she ties around his wrist. This metaphorical thread serves as a memento and a source of motivation for the brother.

    How can I get rakhi online?

     You can get amazing rakhis online from iTokri. You just select rakhi of your choice and order it from the website itself and it will be delivered to your place.

    Can we send rakhi to USA from India?

    Yes, you can! DHL Express, FedEx, Aramex, and EMS are the logistic partners used by iTokri to ship internationally and globally (other shipping carriers are also available on request).

    What is a bamboo craft?

    Bamboo Craft Customary crafts made with bamboo as a primary component. Bamboo has a variety of purposes, and because it is inexpensive, it is frequently used to make both functional and beautiful things like stools, mats, baskets, and traps.

    What is the product of bamboo craft?

    Floor mats, rakhis, table mats, table runners, coasters, curtains, furniture, shoulder bags, handbags, jewellery, magazine holders, cutlery trays, fruit trays, boxes, bins, baskets, lamps, table watches, masks, etc. are just a few of the numerous items created from bamboo.

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