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Ajrakh Printed Stoles From Kutch & Barmer

Experience the Sheer Beauty of Ajrakh Prints on these Printed Stoles and Scarves Only at iTokri

Ajrakh is a unique form of block printing that has its roots going back for centuries. It is an intricately handcrafted block printing initially started by the Khatri community 400 years back at the behest of the King of Kutch. The cloth for Ajrakh is completed after sixteen steps involving washing, dyeing, printing, and drying, where each step takes a day to complete. Ajrakh employs natural dyes from herbs and trees like wild indigo, pomegranate bark, seeds, etc. These natural dyes are factors that make Ajrakh printing so unique. If you are already intrigued about the process of Ajrakh printing, it’s time to check out some beautiful items in iTokri’s Ajrakh print collection!

Buy from the Best Collection of Stoles and Scarves with Exclusive Ajrakh Prints only from iTokri.

  1. Natural Dyed Cotton Stole: This cotton stole features incredible Ajrakh work done with natural dyes. The intricacy in the Ajrakh prints on this stole is enough to prove the unparalleled talent of the artisans from Barmer, Rajasthan.
  2. Printed Natural Dyed Stole: If you are looking for something a bit different, this mature silk stole could be the right one for you. It features Ajrakh block prints, all done through natural dyes, and would look exceptional not only in the festive season but on regular days too.
  3. Hand Block Print Natural Dyed Stole: Another unique stole in our Ajrakh print collection is this mulberry silk stole that features beautiful Ajrakh block prints but aari work. So you can experience the best of both worlds - block printing and embroidery.
  4. Modal Silk Ajrakh Hand Block Print Natural Dyed Stole: You could wear it every day at work or home; this modal silk stole features Ajrakh hand block prints. This stole is an excellent piece of work, or let’s say art by the artisans of Rajasthan, and there’s nothing not to love about it!
  5. Tassels Sufiyan Khatri Special: Last but not least, this is a stole that would surely win your heart. It is one of the unique silk cotton stoles by Sufiyan Khatri, and not only does it feature Ajrakh block prints, but it comes with tassels that look awesome.

Why Choose iTokri?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that iTokri is the hub for all things desi and excellent. We have listed all the Ajrakh printed products that you would fall in love with within the above list, but this does not cover our whole collection. We have a vast range; of items that uphold the Indian heritage and showcase the talent of Indian artisans who have been crafting mind-blowing items for generations now. Also never miss checking the other unique products like fabrics online, face masks online, etc. Enjoy holi with unique holi greeting cards and herbal holi colors online from the best handicraft store.


Q1.What is Ajrak printing?

Ans. Ajrak or ajrakh printing is a unique block printing generally practised on shawls and tiles in Kutch and Sindh Pakistan, Barmer Rajasthan, and Gujarat in India. This type of printing is usually done by hand with wooden blocks carved from hand.

Q2.Where is Ajrak printing done?

Ans. As aforementioned, AJrakh printing is practised in the Sindh region of Pakistan, and India is practised in the Kutch region of Gujarat and Barmer Rajasthan.