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Ajrakh Block Printed Products by Sufiyan Ismail Khatri

iTokri Brings to you Beautiful Products with Ajrakh Prints this Festive Season 

Ajrak also referred to as Ajrakh, is a form of block printing practised widely in the Sindh region of Pakistan and Ajrakhpur in the Kutch region of India. This form of printing is generally practised on shawls and tiles. The designs and patterns that constitute Ajrakh printing are made from stamps. The process of block printing patterns with natural dyes using stamps is the crux of Ajrakh printing. Ajrakh printing dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. It is continuing in the western part of India, that is, Gujarat and parts of Pakistan. Another comparable yet different form of block printing is Sajarak which is practised in South Punjab of Pakistan. While Sajarak constitutes printing cyan colors, Ajrakh employs the use of red and black colors.

Buy the Best Ever Ajrakh Printed Products Online Exclusively at iTokri!

Here at iTokri, you will find the best shawls and other products featuring Ajrakh printing which are so exclusive that you can’t but fall in love with them!

  1. Sufiyan Khatri SPecial Mashru silk AJrakh Block Print Natural Dyed fabric: Fabrics are always the best option if you are unsure about what outfit (suit or saree) you want to wear. This Mashru silk fabric featuring Ajrakh block print in natural dyes is excellent for whatever outfit you choose to make. The gorgeous pattern and designs of this fabric are enough to earn quite a few compliments!
  2. Sufiyan Khatri Special Organic Kala Cotton Handloom AJrakh Block Print Natural Dyed fabric: Another fabric you buy and turn into your favorite ethnic outfit for this festive season is this organic Kala cotton handloom fabric featuring beautiful Ajrakh prints. It is one of the unique fabrics by Sufiyan Khatri, so you should get your hands on it!
  3. Sufiyan Khatri Special Modal Silk Ajrakh Hand Block Print Zari Work Dupatta: A dupatta is an essential garment that helps enhance your salwar suit. Thus, you must check out this modal silk Ajrakh printed dupatta for your outfit this festive season. You will also find beautiful zari work on this dupatta.
  4. Sufiyan Khatri Special Cotton Ajrakh Hand Block Print with Zari Border Dupatta: If you are looking for an Ajrakh block printed dupatta but a different one than the one listed above, you should take a look at this cotton ajrakh printed dupatta that features zari work at the border.
  5. Sufiyan Khatri Special Ajrakh Print Handspun Handwoven Mulberry Silk Cotton 3 pc Suit material set: A complete outfit for this festive season would be one you make out of this three pc suit material of mulberry silk cotton. The fabric features unique Ajrakh prints and the fabric itself is handwoven and handspun.

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri curates the best of everything, and the Ajrak collection by Sufiyan Ismail Khatri is no exception. Besides the products listed above, there are so many more options than you could choose from, now that it is the festive season and you can experiment with your wardrobe!


Q1. What is Ajrakh print?

Ans. Ajrak or Ajrakh print, as mentioned earlier, is a unique form of block printing that is primarily practiced in Ajrakhpur in the Kutch district, India, and Sindh, Pakistan. This type of printing is generally found on shawls and tiles.

Q2.What comes under Sufiya Ismail products?

Ans. Under Sufiya Ismail products, you will find a massive range of products featuring Ajrakh prints, and you will find all of these in our Ajrakh Block print collection by Sufiyan Ismail Khatri.