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Ajrakh Face Covers

Beauty Of Ajrakh Prints

The Ajrakh prints are the oldest form of printing that dates back to the medieval period. The Ajrakh patterns originated and were practised by the Khatri community, surviving in the banks of the Sindh River. They migrated from Sindh to Kutch in the late 16 century. Now it is conserved in the khavada, Kutch, Barmer regions of Rajasthan. The Ajrakh prints are mainly employed with the madder or indigo dyes that are natural. The process of dying and making the fabric takes two to three weeks and includes a lot of stages of printing and dying. The cloth is soft, supple to the skin and appealing. The handloom textile of ajrakh includes natural vegetable dyes that give magic to the fabric. Ajrakh cotton printed fabric is a tradition adorned by the pastoral Maldhari community. Apart from the lungis, women wore printed skirts and used the ajrakh fabric as bed liners as cradles for babies.

What Are Ajrakh Prints? 

Ajrak or Ajrakh is an extraordinary block print fabric that is completely handmade. It exhibits outstanding traditional arts, patterns and designs. Ajrakh observes a comprehensive block printing method of adorning textures and materials. Mostly, Ajrakh is printed on two sides of the fabric by a procedure of resist printing. The printing is performed by hand utilising, hand-etched blocks of wood. Ajrak print is accomplished within a grid. Repetitious structure establishes a web-like pattern. Ahead with the network, border structures are moreover incorporated on the texture of the cloth. It is an extended procedure and involves various stages of block printing and rinsing the fabric repeatedly employing naturally made dyes and mordants.

In printing on the fabric, colour is printed promptly to the material. Ajrakh block printing, the cloth is initially printed with a paste and then coloured or dyed. This method is repeated with several colours to attain the crucial structure, design or pattern in thick colours, especially red and blue. Ajrak print is a contemporary method in block printing. It has given rise to natural dyes. The whole procedure encompasses vegetable and mineral dyes. You can also have a look at the  3 layer face cover online.

Why Buy Face Cover With Ajrakh Prints?

The Ajrakh printed face covers are very comfortable to wear since they are natural dyed. In addition, the Ajrakh printed face covers are breathable because the pure cotton fabric is employed to make the fabric.  You can look forface cover online as well. The face covers are weaved with good quality cotton with triple-layer, can be reversed and used, washable, durable, reused after every wash, and mainly breathable. It also has a kangaroo pouch to store natural herbs as filters.

Ajrakh prints are vibrant and colourful to be worn as a face cover. In addition, the printed face covers have a double layer, so it provides maximum protection from viruses and pollution. The Ajrakh prints have floral and block patterns that can match any outfit you wear and are also attractive. Ajrakh masks enhance an additional safety category than the ordinary cotton covers with impressive prints. The Ajrakh face cover filter is worth improving its stability and safety. Wash the face cover filter after every use with the help of a disinfectant to prevent the further spread of viruses. Always buy the Ajrakh face cover according to your features and rinse it before the first use since it does not shrink. Get the Ajrakh face covers online in India at an attractive price. 

Why Buy From iTokri?

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  1. What is ajrakh printing? 

Ajrakh is an extraordinary variety of hand block prints and dyeing. The multi-layered designs on a treated cotton cloth will help in matching any kind of outfits like party or festival wear.

  1. How does the ajrakh face cover match your outfit?

The Ajrakh face cover matches all your outfit because it has unique floral patterns and beautiful block prints of designs embossed on it.