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    Dress Materials From iTokri

    Since the beginning of time, India has been a hub for traditional and historical tradition, and one of these heritages is handicrafts. Thousands of skilled professionals around India manage to use sustainable materials to create crafts such as dolls, home furnishings, and everyday necessities. By supplying you with these sustainable and environmental handicrafts, iTokri is dedicated to safeguarding the culture and at the same time helps thousands of skilled artisans all over India. 

    Unique Dress Materials Online Collections

    1. Vidarbha Handloom Tussar Cotton 2pc Suit with Barmer Applique Work Cotton Dupatta

    Vidarbha pure handloom tussar cotton kurta with Barmer hand-stitched applique snip pattern cotton dupatta of exceptional quality. Noori Bazaar has put together an exquisite choice of coordinating suit materials. Tailor-made soulful apparel and lifestyle products blended with Indian and subcontinental handwoven fabrics. Noori-Bazar is a handcrafted confluence of civilisations and affinities that produces a modern design that is idealistic, creative, naive, and inquiring about the environment around that one.

    2. 3pc Special Ajrakh Block Print Natural Dyed Cotton Suit Material Set

    Excellent quality ajrakh block print cotton 3pc suit material set manufactured with natural dyes utilising the original ajrakh hand-block method used by artisans in Gujarat's Kutch territory. Ajrakh is a resist block-printing and vegetable dyeing method used on textiles. It is thought to be approximately 4,500 years old. The Ajrakh artisans in India are originated from Sindh, and they moved to Gujarat's Kutch & Rajasthan's Barmer. The Maldhari shepherd tribe of Bhuj wears ajrakh as their traditional dress. The 'Ajrakh' procedure is a multi-staged technique in which each coat of colour is imprinted after some time, requiring the material to be kept for the entire day.

    3. Bengal Kantha Embroidered Pure Cotton Kurta Material

    Original Bengal Kantha works on pure cotton kurta material, fashioned with modern motifs and hand-stitched using West Bengal's classic Kantha craft process. Ruisa, or Rui-sa, is a Japanese word that implies "thin, light and comfy," but also "elegant and created with care." RUISA works collaboratively with a group of female craftsmen to design Kantha embroidered dupattas and scarves on virgin tussar textiles and a handcrafted silk range. Colourful thread strands from West Bengal are used in a traditional Kantha technique.

    4. 3pc Sambalpuri Handloom Double Ikat Cotton Suit Material Set

    Classical designs such as shankha (shell), chakra (wheel), and phula (flower) by master artisans from eastern parts of India are featured on high grade genuine sambalpuri handloom double ikat cotton kurta material and dupatta from Odisha. i.e)The set includes an essential muslin bottom/salwar piece in a similar shade.

    Ikat (Ikkat) is a patterning dyeing methodology that provides a resistance colouring procedure identical to tie-dye on the weft or weaves thread before dyeing. Ikat has exquisite motifs and therefore is known all around the globe for its stunning hues, textures, and motifs. Ikat from India has long been praised by fashion designers all over the universe.

    Why iTokri?

    iTokri, an Indian handicraft store has a wonderful collection of  fabric online India,  cotton dress materials,  Kota Doria dupatta,  bandhani dress material, and many more. Most of the products are handmade by the unique artisans of India.


    1. What does appliqué mean?

    Appliqué is a sewing method in which fabric patchwork are laid on a base cloth, and afterwards hand- or machine-stitched in position, with the rough ends, rolled under or concealed with ornamental sewing.

    1. How do you appliqué a picture?

    When creating a pattern from a photograph, particularly a simple appliquéd portrait, one must first determine where the darks and brightness in the face are located. Looks are not typically dark and bright demarcated, so applying a filter to the image makes it a lot easier to see.

    1. What stitch is used for appliqué?

    The Zigzag stitch (formerly referred to as the Satin stitch) and the Buttonhole or Blanket sew the two most common machine appliqué stitches. Buttonhole stitch and Appliqué stitch are the most frequent hand appliqué stitches.

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