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Babulal Ladhu Vankar Kandhherai, Kutch - Weaving Artisan

Vankar Babulal Ladhu
Babubhai is one of the few remaining experts Dhabda weaver. Working in this craft for over 20 years, Babubhai’s Red and Indigo Dhabdas (woollen shawl cum blankets) are a specialty. They are highly embellished and it takes many days to weave one. Most weavers, over the years, have stopped weaving Dhabda. Babubhai, though, has continued investing in the craft of his forefathers, all through his career. His determination to revive the tradition of using Desi Wool as a material has reaped him handsome rewards and his Dhabdas have made him one of the most well-known faces of the craft community of Kutch. 

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