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Bagh Block Print Textiles by Umar Faruk Khatri

Embrace your Traditions and Ethnicity with Amazing Bagh Print Fabrics Brought to you Exclusively by iTokri

Bagh printing or Bagh block printing is a traditional Indian handicraft that has been practised by the Khatri community along the banks of the Indus or Sindhu river. This type of printing originated in a place called Bagh, from where the process got its name. Bagh is located in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. The main characteristic of Bagh printing is hand-printed relief prints done by a wooden block with natural dyes and pigments. You can find incredible Bagh print fabrics in the massive collection at Itokri brought to you by Ismail Suleman Khatri.

Buy the Top-Rated Bagh Block Print Fabrics by Ismail Khatri from the Huge Collection at iTokri.

  1. Special Pure Silk Bagh Hand Block Print Natural Dyed Stole: Now that winter is fast approaching, it is time to get your scarves, mufflers and stoles out. Why not combine your outfit with beautiful pure silk stole such as this one that has featured Bagh hand block prints?
  2. Bagh Block Print Natural Dyed Cotton 3 pc Material Suit with Chiffon Dupatta: A garment that you can wear daily and style it differently to wear on special occasions is this cotton suit with chiffon dupatta featuring gorgeous Bagh block prints.
  3. Special Pure Modal Silk Bagh Hand Block Print Natural Dyed Stole: Though we have listed a stole above, this is another option you must check out as this Bagh hand block printed stole is made of pure modal silk that has a unique look and feel to it.
  4. Natural Dyed bagh Hand Block Printed Pure Cotton fabric: We have listed stoles and suits, but what if you want a Bagh printed saree? This pure cotton fabric is perfect for you to get any garment tailored for yourself!
  5. Special Bagh Block Print Natural Dyed Cotton Dupatta: To go with your suits and salwar-kameez sets, you must check out this cotton dupatta with unique Bagh hand block prints and would look amazing with almost any case.

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri not only has a massive collection of Bagh print products, some of which have been listed above, but we curate many other kinds of authentic traditional products as well. In addition, we source ethnic garments and fabrics handwoven by the local artisans all across the country and bring you the best collection of them.


Q1. What is Bagh Print?

Ans. Bagh printing or Bagh block printing is a unique and specialised type of block printing done with wood. It was initially practised in the regions covered by the Indus valley. However, this type of block printing is now mainly practised by the local artisans of Madhya Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh, Bagh printing was done by the Khatri community of dyers who lived along the Indus or Sindhu river.

Q2. What is the process of natural dyeing?

Ans. Natural dyes are those colourants or dyes that have been derived from herbs, plants, minerals or invertebrates. Here is the process of extracting a natural dye and dyeing textiles. First, the dye material is put in a pot of water. The water is then heated so that the dye compounds get extracted as a solution in the water. Next, the dyed textile is added to this water, and the temperature is maintained until the material is dyed.