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    Mohammed Rafik Khatri is an Indian craftsman from the village of Bagh in Madhya Pradesh. He is a bagh print craftsman. He received the 2005 National Award (Craft) from the Government of India Textile Bureau, the 2004 National Achievement Award (Craft) from the Government of India Textile Bureau, and the 2002 National Award from the Government of Madhya Pradesh. His father Ismail Sulemanji Khatri reinvented and restored the printing of bagh. After him, Mohammed Raffic Katri continued the tradition and emerged in multiple proportions from the hundreds in the 1970s to 12000 in the Dhar district alone. In the 1990s, the Khatri family began experimenting with foreign clothing for the international market.

    Hand Block Print Textiles

    Bagh prints are one of the most common and most loved designs....

    Hand Block Print Textiles

    Bagh prints are one of the most common and most loved designs. It is the perfect choice for shirts, blouses, sarees, and similar fabrics. So enjoy this summer; you can amp up your wardrobe's style quotient by buying trendy shirts and other similar bagh print textiles. If you have decided to purchase bagh print, iTokri is the right place. 

    Bagh Print - What's So Special About It?

    Bagh print is one of India's most common and beautiful handloom crafts. It is a hand block design done on mostly cotton fabric. The patterns are usually floral or other motifs which are repeated over and over. If you want to identify bagh print, you merely have to look for red and black repetitive motifs on a product. On the other hand, if you are aiming for a traditional look, a hand-block print saree is the way to go. However, on iTokri, your options are not limited. You can buy  men's shirts,  children's shirts,  dress materials for women, and other  fabrics online on iTokri that have the Bagh print on them. 

    Why Choose iTokri 

    iTokri is the home of many crafts in India. Not just Bagh print, but you can also buy Ajrakh, Ikat, and other handloom designs here. The current trending products on iTokri include bagh print by Mohammad Rafiq Khatri. You can buy his suits and other designer material from our website. These are also the perfect  women's day gifts. You can also buy  cotton masks in matching shades to have a complete look. iTokri also has a wide range of things you can give as  Holi gifts. With such festivities around the corner, you should check out our accessories and clothing collection. 


    1. What is Bagh print?

    Originally from Madhya Pradesh, Bagh Print is a wooden hand block printing. You can identify it by the simple motifs of its specialty, usually in red or black. 

    1. How to identify bagh print textiles?

    The handprint is done with natural colors that rarely bleed. You can identify it from the red and black motifs. 

    1. What are some of the other fabric collections?

    iTokri has other collections of Ikat print, Ajrakh, and a variety of silk. You can check it all out on our website. 

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