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Bamboo Handmade Products

Dastkar works with rural men and women to create indigenous crafts, the skills of which have been passed generation-to-generation. It helps artisans to be self-sufficient and produce unique traditional artworks. 

Bamboo For The Soul!

Litter building up on our streets, deforestation and oil leaking into oceans has made life on earth substantially less green than it should be. This is why people are increasingly doing more things for the environment to reduce their carbon footprint, like avoiding plastic bags, using public transport to save fuel and emission, and so on. Using eco-friendly materials is also a beneficial way to protect the environment. Bamboo is a long-lasting material, less expensive, easy to use and reuse at the end of its useful lifespan and is made from sustainable resources. The soil is damaged due to pollution or flawed farming executions. It can become barren or even diseased. Bamboo is one of the two plants that can grow in poor soil conditions. It can also regenerate topsoil and remove toxins from the soil. All plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen during photosynthesis. Bamboo plants do this four times more effective than hardwood trees. It is a rapidly renewable source and grows to maturity after about five years. It can be harvested by hand and does not require any heavy machinery that causes pollution. Bamboo plants can grow tall and strong without the need to spray harmful pesticides that kill insects or even harm other animals. Hence, overall, bamboo is the best material to buy. Long-lasting products, like bamboo crafts, leave little or no negative impact on the environment.

Take Your Pick From A Wide Range Of Authentic Bamboo Handicrafts

Environment-conscious individuals can immediately head over to iTorki’s handmade bamboo products page and fall in love with the exquisite handicrafts and bamboo products online! There are handmade square  coasters made out of bamboo, available in different colours. They are uniquely styled with modern and organic designs and are heatproof. They are made by cutting bamboo and splitting them into slivers by hand. They are well-engineered by human hands and are entirely biodegradable; thus, they are eco-friendly. 

Similarly, you can buy a food-safe, non-plastic square-shaped fruit basket for serving bread, whole fruits or even cereal for your healthy organic breakfast. Buy such beautiful bamboo crafts online from Buy  handmade trays in unique styles and modern designs. It is an ideal server for your cup of tea or coffee and serves up to 4 cups. You will fall absolutely in love with the colourful  bamboo earrings on this website, which are hand-painted with acrylic colours. You won't find a more adorable and unique indie item, so hurry and explore iTokri’s website for more  bamboo handmade earrings with eye-catching designs that will make you appreciate the skilled craftsmanship of local Indian artists.

Why Should You Buy From

iTokri is an online shopping platform that provides a wide range of traditional handpicked products, fabrics and  handicrafts online from all over India, which are a must-have for all the ethnic lovers out there! It values Indian skilled artists and their original and eco-friendly work, which gives them the recognition they deserve!

Simultaneously, they conduct market research to determine consumers’ needs as every individual has unique taste and preference and belongs to different parts of the country. It can be praised through the glowing reviews received from happy customers. Excellent customer service, skilled local artists, fast delivery worldwide, personal touch to each delivery in the form of handmade cards, notes and gifts are some of the many reasons you should go with for purchasing authentic Indian handmade products and bamboo crafts online shopping.

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Diwali can be decorated in a variety of ways and with different ideas. This Diwali, iTokri has come up with an interesting collection. Get new  idols of Lakshmi & Ganesh for your house and a  special puja thali for the festival, don’t forget to start your puja with  Diwali sweets as a bhog. Check  premium giftsfor your lovely family and friends.


Q1.Which state in India is famous for cane and bamboo craft?

Many states are involved in bamboo production, but West Bengal is the most famous for its bamboo and cane crafts.

Q2.What is the history of bamboo handicraft?

The history of bamboo craft goes back to the 2nd century AD. There are no detailed chronicles in Indian history that talk about this handicraft’s origin and genesis.  However, it is believed that this craft has been existing since the dawn of civilisation. During the early 7th century, cane and bamboo crafts flourished under king Bhaskara Verma. This time also holds noteworthy mentions of cane and bamboo crafts, such as mats and excellent mats. It also has religious significance in the state of Assam.

Q3. What craft community practices the traditional occupation of bamboo crafting?

Since ancient times, the people and communities of Manipur practised cane crafts and bamboo handicrafts extensively, making different varieties of handicraft items of different designs and motifs for many purposes.