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Batik Print Silk Stoles

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You can accessorize an outfit in many ways to make it look different and chic. However, not all accessories work as effectively as a stole when it comes to changing a particular look and giving it a distinctive look and feel. The stole is an accessory that has been in and out of style but never leaves a wardrobe. The scarf is typically made of cloth wrapped around the shoulders. It can be paired with a simple salwar kameez to give a fresh look to the salwar. It’s not just for traditional outfits; it’s also great for western outfits like jeans and dresses! Among today’s working women, stoles can be worn with trousers and blouses for a sharp and efficient appearance. Today’s stylish men can wear stoles with jeans, T-shirts, and trousers to make themselves look more presentable. The smaller silk scarves are worn with long sleeve shirts to give a formal, sophisticated appearance. Stoles are a style of accessory that can be worn by women and men alike. To give an outfit a more traditional look, a stole can be tied in a knot at the neck or left to fall from the shoulders. The scarf can also be double wrapped around the neck to add a fashion element to a simple outfit. There is nothing like a stole to bring an ensemble together, and they are one accessory that will never go out of style, no matter the season. 

Silk Stoles with Batik Prints Online at iTokri 

The term batik originates from Indonesia. The word may be derived from a word called ambatik, which translates to “a dotted piece of cloth.” In textile dyeing, batik describes a technique in which the fabric is dyed using a special resist. A dye-proof substance is placed over selected cloth areas to prevent dyes from absorbing into the cloth. Several artists in the Java region of Indonesia are known for using the Batik technique creatively. 

In batik, the wax-resist dyes are applied to the entire clothes that are made using this technique. The fine cracks in the wax act as a conduit for the dye to seep into the fabric and create a three-dimensional effect. Many of the traditional Indian batik designs and patterns are handed down from generation to generation. The main focus in developing this product is to combine different styles and techniques from other places with traditional batik techniques and styles to create contemporary styles and patterns. At iTokri, we offer fine quality hand batik print silk-cotton stoles created by rural men and women to create indigenous crafts that have been passed down through generations. Take your outfits to the next level with ourBatik Print Silk Stoles collection by Md Shariff. 


  • How is batik printing done?
  • Ans: The process of batik involves using melted wax to create resistant fabric. Wax can be painted or stamped onto white or colored fabrics with a canting or brush, or it can be dipped in melted wax and stamped onto the fabric with a copper stamp. Afterwards, the material is dyed, and the areas waxed will not penetrate the dye. 

  • What is used in batik printing?
  • Ans: There are two ways to make batik: using a tool defined as canting or using a stamp made of copper called a cap to print the resist. Batiks are made with various types of wax. The most common waxes are beeswax and paraffin wax.