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Exclusive! Handloom Dresses

About Handloom Sarees and Dresses

The origins of Indian handloom can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Clothes from India were exported to Rome, Egypt, and China even in ancient times. Almost every hamlet had its weavers who created all of the clothing necessities in the past. Since then, handloom sarees have been famous among Indian women. It not only gives historical significance but is also well-crafted and worthy of wearing. But over the years, handloom sarees have evolved dramatically in style, processes, and technology. As a result, handloom sarees provide a level of refinement and unrivaled comfort. Wearing Handloom sarees casts a protective spell around you, ensuring that you never fall in front of others. A woman and her saris have been an incredible love story for ages. The six-yard saree can radically transform a woman's appearance and offer her a different personality. The sari has a long history and is emblematic of a separate culture in which the aesthetics and simplicity of woven and texture-with-pattern garments appealed more. Weaved handloom saris are a cut above the rest, with their exquisite designs and weave showing off the weavers' talent and dedication. 

Buy Handloom Dresses and Sarees Online on iTokri 

iTokri handloom dresses are modern, calm, and designed for modern women. Here you will find some exquisite designs that will not break the bank. Perfect for a party at home. At iTokri, we'll take you on a journey through the world of hand-painted, embroidered, woven, and tie-dyed original handloom dresses. We have everything you need in one spot, from traditional to contemporary patterns in cotton fabrics online. Online shopping for handloom India sarees is now more accessible and convenient than ever! iTokri brings you the finest handloom in silk and cotton dress material in various colors, designs, and patterns. Get handloom dresses such as a Bengal Kantha saree, Sindhi hand embroidery saree, suit materials, spaghetti long dress, stoles and scarves, dupatta if you wish to seem typical every day because the fabric and uniqueness of the handloom material make you look very sophisticated. Because each piece is created to showcase your elegance and attractiveness, you won't need to wear heavy makeup or a haircut. You will stand out from the crowd thanks to your plain outfit. Apart from handloom dress materials, we have a wide range of running  fabrics online,  festive collections,  dupatta online,  stoles and scarves,  silver jewellery,  folk art paintings,  dress suit sets,  home and kitchen accessories,  handmade stationery,  face masks online,  woolens, etc. to suit your all daily needs. 

Why Choose iTokri

Art and craft are spread in every corner of our nation. iTokri's goal is to give these arts a global platform so that people can appreciate them and the true artists may be compensated. To save our culture and the environment, we must all do our part. You may accomplish both with iTokri since we want to provide sustainable and ethical methods of crafting a fair opportunity. This encourages gradual fashion while also being environmentally friendly. Our items are both inexpensive and well-known. Our extensive range of handloom sarees is fashionable. These are suitable for both giving and collecting purposes. The  Khun saree, a Maharashtra native, is currently the most popular. They're vibrant in colour and light in weight, making them ideal for the summer. With the arrival of summer, you can buy  cotton dress material to make whatever you want. Shop online with us now to stay trendy yet elegant!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a spaghetti dress?

The spaghetti dress has spaghetti straps attached to it. They look exquisite yet modern and are a favourite western wear dress among young girls and women. 

  1. What do spaghetti straps mean?

A spaghetti-strap is a thin shoulder strap used to support garments. Swimwear, crop tops, bras, cocktail dresses, gowns, and other items are generally worn with spaghetti straps. They are named after the thin pasta strings known as spaghetti, famous in the western and European world. 

  1. When did spaghetti strap dresses become popular?

From 1903 to 1940, spaghetti with a strap remained popular. As a result, it has been included in formal and wedding attire as a symbol of sexuality and femininity; however, spaghetti or noodle straps gained popularity in the 1920s, creating a more relaxed yet sensual style. Starting with jazz musicians in the 1920s, it became a worldwide fad, and a variety of clothing items with spaghetti straps were created, establishing the world of spaghetti fashion.