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Bindaas Unlimited Products on iTokri

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Hand-Painted Bindaas Products from iTokri

Handmade helps to preserve traditional skills and crafts. Yes, by allowing craftspeople to practise, showcase, and carry on traditions, you encourage learning, creating, and history. We live in a society that appreciates art and creativity, and by purchasing handcrafted items, you are helping to ensure that the arts are preserved for future generations.

Welcome to the wonderful world of mazedaar prints that make you grin at Bindaas Unlimited.  Every one of our designs has a story to tell. Desi themes are designed with a global sensibility in mind. On our 100% cotton fabrics, we utilize conventional hand painting and organic colouring techniques. Make your bedroom space unique withbindaas bedcovers! We also use a variety of ajeeb items such as bark, blossoms, wheat wastage, red clay, limestone, tree mucilage, lentil seed powder, iron, west german indigo, and alizerin - a full complete sustainable and environment-friendly jugaad that has helped us become one of India's greatest companies! The masti we want while making this artwork with the Chippa culture of Rajasthan is what makes all of the mehnat worthwhile. Each artwork is one-of-a-kind and flawed by design. Explore the beautifulbindaas stationery products which are completely handmade and unique.

Bindaas Products Online from iTokri

1. Bindaas Block Print Handmade Cotton Fridge Top Cover with Multiple Pockets

Bindaas block print handcrafted organic cotton fridge top covers with several compartments, embroidered with Indian artisan textiles. It contains six functional zippered pockets where you may store your daily necessities.

2. Bindaas Natural Dyed Art Block Print Cotton Saree

Hand block printed saree made of fine quality natural coloured cotton. In Rajasthan, experienced fourth generation textile printers create sense of style using traditional procedures. This slow fashion, hand block printed cotton saree gives back the love for ancient techniques with modern designs.

3. Traditional Kutchhi Bandhani Tie-Dye Gajji Silk Dupatta

100% gajji silk dupatta with magnificent bandhani patterns are tie-dyed using the authentic Kutch process. Bandhani (bandhej) is a skilled and experienced art form. The method entails dying a textile that is knotted securely at various locations with a thread. The texture is velvety and soft. Match them with the adorablebindaas sling bags orbindaas shoulder bags and make your look more appealing and unique. 

4. Bindaas Block Print Cotton 3 Layer Pleated Face Cover with Filter Pocket

The 2 layers reusable protective mask is an outdoor must-have. The outside and inner layers are 100 per cent purely handcrafted cotton fabrics for the most comfortable breathing. Earloops are soft and stretchy for a better fit. The mask can be washed gently up to 30 times. It just causes little fogging of the spectacles. It boasts a flat-fold design that makes storing a breeze. For optimal protection, a more comprehensive facial covering is recommended. It comes in a variety of lovely handmade patterns and colours.


1. What is Bindaas block print?

Ans- The technique of producing designs with carved wooden blocks is known as bindaas block printing. It is also the oldest, easiest, and slowest of all fabric printing techniques. Hand block printing is a time-consuming procedure. Nevertheless, it can produce highly aesthetic effects, some of which may be impossible to achieve by other means.

2. How is bindaas block print being done?

Ans- Arrange your workspace by laying out your printing paper or fabric. Put a small amount of ink onto your palette canvas now. Spread out all the ink with the brayer, making sure there are no lumps or blisters. Then roll a thin, smooth layer of ink across the cut edge of your printing block with the brayer.