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Original Jaipur Blue Pottery Ceramic Home Utilities & Decor Products

Beautiful blue pottery of Jaipur

One of the most recognised crafts of Jaipur is its blue pottery. The name “blue pottery” originated from the blue colour of dye used for the pottery. It is an imported technique that was first developed by the artisans of the Mongol who combined Persian decorative art with Chinese glazing technology. In the 14th century, this technique came to India with early Turkic conquests. The Mughals began using them following their conquest or following their arrival. This technique grew beyond an architectural accessory for the Indian potters which gradually travelled the plains of Delhi and ultimately to Jaipur. 

Blue pottery from Jaipur is made from a similar material as frit material to the faience of Egypt, low glazed and low fired. The dough is made by mixing quartz stone powder, Multani mitti, gum, water and borax.

Some of the pottery is semi-transparent decorated with birds or animal motifs.

The most common motifs found in these styles of pottery are geometric patterns or flower patterns while recurring images of elephants and peacocks are seen as well. Glazing forms an important part of the process after decoration is done. A mixture of powdered glass, boric acid, zinc oxide etc is heated until it melts. It is again ground into a fine powder once it cools down mixed with water and maida to attain the final glaze. All pieces are set to dry once the glaze is applied.

Blue pottery as an industry provides livelihood to many residents of Jaipur and serves as a great source of income for the government of Jaipur.  Adopting the traditional techniques, now you can find tea sets, cups, plates and glasses, napkin rings etc.

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What is blue pottery called?

Blue pottery is also known as the traditional craft of Jaipur with being Turko-Persian in terms of origin. The eye-catching blue colour of the pottery is where it gets its name from. It holds unique characteristics when compared to other styles of pottery owing to its special dough which is made by mixing quartz stone powder, Multani mitti, powdered glass etc.

Which place is famous for blue pottery?

The place famous for blue pottery in Jaipur with Kirpal Singh Shekhawat as one of the most famous creators as he was involved in reviving the art form with other contributors like rajmata Gayatri Devi and Kamala Devi Chattopadhaya around the 1950’s and making it what it is today. This unique craft came to Jaipur through Afghanistan and Persia via Mughal courts.

What kind of colours and motifs are used in blue pottery?

Colours used in blue pottery include the blue colour which is derived from cobalt oxide, green which is derived from copper oxide, yellow, white and brown. While the motifs include floral or geometric designs, animals, birds, deities like Goddess Durga or Lord Ganesha etc with items like tiles, doorknobs, plates and vases, pots etc.