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Jacquard Weave Fabrics

Simple yet different - We’ve got you covered with Jacquard Fabrics

Joseph Marie Jacquard, who was a French weaver, invented Jacquard fabrics in 1804. Jacquard weave fabric is produced or made on a special loom along with a tapestry effect. Fabrics made by this method includebrocade, brocatelle and damask which are commonly produced in monochromatic (single-colour) weaves in silk, linen, or synthetic fibres such as  rayon and feature patterns of flowers, fruit, and other designs. Jacquard fabric is woven into the warpona special mechanical loom instead of printing on the surface and silk Jacquard fabricis the result of elaborate weaving and is often slightly textured to the touch. Buy Jacquard fabric online with our range of pre-washed Jacquard cotton fabric in beautiful colours that are a treat to the eyes and body. Jacquard fabric prints reflect the most complex yet soothing designs that add a touch of royalty to your attire, there isa minimum shrinkage in this fabric and you can buy Jacquard fabrics online at affordable prices on iTokri. Also, check out this beautiful  linen fabric online.


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