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    Rauph Khan is from the chanderi weaving family in Chanderi, where there are about 4,000 families involved in Chanderi weaving. Chanderi fabric is also known for its transparency and sheer texture. In recent years, Chanderi fabric has become one of the most requested materials in the design industry. Rauph's family witnessed Chanderi's journey from the very beginning. It's a tradition passed from generation to generation. Providing first-class products/services and maintaining a positive customer experience are their main focuses. Their Chanderi weaved stoles, dupattas, and Sarees are the most eye-catching.

    Silk Weave Garments are Must-Haves in Your Closet, and iTokri Brings to You a Whole Exclusive Collection of Them!

    Silk Weave Garments are Must-Haves in Your Closet, and iTokri Brings to You a Whole Exclusive Collection of Them!

    When we talk of silk, probably the first fabric to come to our minds is Chanderi silk. Chanderi is a small town located in Madhya Pradesh and is one of the most popular locations for handloom garments in India. Chanderi is best known for the ancient weaving techniques by the artisans of this vibrant country. The art of Chanderi weaving has been around for centuries, and weavers produce three kinds of fabric through this technique: Chanderi silk cotton, Chanderi cotton, and pure silk. The Chanderi fabrics are unique, and there are several reasons why they are so. Firstly, Chanderi fabrics are unique because of the beautiful motifs that you will find embellished on the fabric. Generally, these motifs are traditional and feature floral designs, peacocks, coins, celestial beings and even geometric abstract patterns. These motifs are usually hand-woven onto the Chanderi fabrics by handloom using needles. Besides these, Chanderi fabric is known for its sheer texture and lustrous appearance. iTokri brings to you a whole collection of Chanderi silk weaves garments exclusively by Rauph Khan!

    Buy Amazing and Authentic Chanderi Silk Weaves by Rauph Khan from the iTokri collection.

    1. Pure Handloom Chanderi Silk Zari Buti 2 pc Material Suit: Suits are garments that are staples for Indian women. Besides wearing them on regular days, you need beautiful ones for occasions as well. This Handloom Chanderi Silk Zari Buti is one suit material by which you can get a beautiful suit tailored for yourself, and you would steal the show everywhere you walk in!
    2. Traditional Chanderi Silk Pure Handloom Zari Weave fabric: If you want to gift someone a Chanderi Silk weave Handloom garment but are uncertain whether they would like a suit or saree, you could give them this Zari Weave fabric of Pure handloom Chanderi silk. It has enough length of fabric to make a gorgeous saree, suit etc.
    3. Traditional Chanderi Silk Pure Handloom Zari Stripe Fabric: Though similar to the fabric listed above, this fabric is unique for its stripes. If you like stripes on your clothes, this fabric is ideal for you.
    4. Traditional Chanderi Silk Handloom Zari Buti Dupatta: One of the most essential parts of our wardrobes is a good dupatta. They can be worn in different ways and can spruce up any outfit. Thus, this Chanderi Silk Handloom Buti Dupatta with Zari work is a must-have.
    5. Traditional Chanderi Silk Zari Buti Handloom Saree: Last but not least, you need to check out this gorgeous saree made of Chanderi silk with Handloom Zari Buti work. This would be an excellent choice to wear on occasion.

    Why choose iTokri?

    Above, we have listed some of the best garments in the Chanderi silk weave collection here at iTokri, but you can rest assured that there are many more options that you can choose your favourites from. So what are you waiting for? Check out ourChanderi silk weave collection by Rauph Khan and grab the best items before they get sold out!


    Q1. Is Chanderi silk real silk?

    Ans. The traditional Indian fabric Chanderi is known for its lightweight, essential sheer texture and its luxurious drape. There are three main types of Chanderi- pure silk, chanderi cotton and silk cotton.

    Q2. What type of material is Chanderi silk?

    Ans. Chanderi Silk, as the name suggests, is silk and originates in the place called Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi silk is an ethnic fabric easily distinguished by its lightweight and luxurious texture and appearance.

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