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Christmas Home Decor

Christmas Decor from iTokri

On December 25th, Christmas is celebrated. It is a Christian holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, who is regarded as God's son. The name is derived from the terms "Christ" and "mass," which refers to the holy mass of Christ (supper, feast, or festival). Exchanging gifts, dining, and decorating a tree are just a few of the Christmas traditions that may be traced back to earlier holidays. It's a time for us to spend time with our families, crafting Christmas decorations and other crafts, singing Christmas music, listening to heartwarming Christmas stories, and cooking delectable treats! Make your Christmas celebrations more amazing by decorating your house with unique home decor items from iTokri. 

Some Home Decors From iTokr

  1. Kutch copper Coated 5 Bell Coconut Tree: Besides the standard decorations around the house for Christmas, here is one more home decor option that you could use not only for Christmas but on usual days as well. This 5 Bell Coconut tree is completely made of high-quality metal and has a shiny copper coating. The bells also emanate a beautiful sound when it is struck. You could use this home decor as a wind chime as well. It is sourced from the Kutch region.
  2. Bakhiya Tanka Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover: Christmas decorations don’t just include having a  Christmas tree with ornaments hanging around it. It is also important that you keep your house clean and have good home decor items around the house. For giving a new look to your couch cushions, here is one option that is bound to catch your eye. This simplistic yet beautiful cushion cover is great for your couch on Christma, made in black and whites.
  3. Terracotta Handmade Handi Candle (Set of 10): Candles are an excellent home decor option for Christmas, especially if you are on a budget. This set of 10 candles are completely handmade with Terracotta. These are great for gifting as well, especially during a festive time like Christmas. Each candle would burn continuously for approximately 3.5 hours.
  4. Pig with Pom Pom-handmade Stuffed Hanging: If you like cute home decor items, this is the perfect choice for you to have around your house for Christmas. Each pom pom is in the shape of a cute pig head and they are filled with cotton and beads. Hanging this on your wall would catch many eyes and start delightful conversations.
  5. Artwork Handmade Paper Greeting Card with Envelope: Not only is this handmade greeting card with beautiful artwork a great home decor item but it is also a great gifting option. It would be a great thing to buy to put on your mantelpiece and really bring in the wintry mood of Christmas.


Q1. What do you decorate your house with on Christmas?

Ans. Decorating your house on Christmas is one of the best parts of this festival besides the presents, of course! On Christmas, you have your friends, family and guests over; thus, it is necessary to decorate your house beautifully on Christmas. Among the many decorative options you have for Christmas, you could buy a traditional Christmas tree and decorate it with  Christmas tree decor products like string lights, ornaments etc. You could also hang hand stocking near your fireplace and add mistletoe to your rooms.

Q2. How can I decorate my home for Christmas on a budget?

Ans. Some of the best ways to upcycle these everyday items around your house to use on Christmas are- up-cycling paper into Christmas ornaments. For example, you could use candles and put fairy lights in empty glass bottles around your house. You could also adopt a Christmas and root it. This is one of the most traditional decorations for Christmas and would look great in your home.