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Colour Box Set

A Happy Holi Celebration With iTokri's Colour Box Range

Happy Holidays? More like happy holilday! Much of the time preceding this festival is spent in anticipation of the day itself. Everyone's prepping up for the day, making plans to host the next big hit event of the area, amping up their style game, gearing up with water guns and colours. We know the significance of it all, which is why we have created an amazing range of Holi products just for you!  Holi sure is a day filled with lots and lots of happiness. It’s not just the colours that add to the vibrancy of the festival, it is also pretty colourful because of the positive emotions that we feel throughout the duration of the festival. And just as it is important to have fun, it is also important that you play safely on this day. Most colours out there in the market are usually made out of harmful chemicals. This is why, at iTokri, we have created a range of organic Holi Colors that are eco-friendly and safe to play with. They not only protect the environment, they also protect your skin being made out of natural materials. Adding to it, they also are animal cruelty-free so isn't this the best deal you can get? Celebrate this day with your loved ones and leave a mark on them with our help. Browse through iTokri and you'll surely find everything worth your wishes! 

Buy The Best Holi Colour Boxes Online At iTokri!

Our range of Holi Color Box Set has some exclusive colours - all you could possibly ask for! Safe to play with, they are made keeping in mind the benefits of using eco-friendly products. Get your Holi Color Boxes today from iTokri and have a fun and worry-free Holi celebration. Our talented artisans have made them keeping in mind the traditions of our country and also your health so what's better than that? 

Why Choose iTokri As Your Shopping Destination This Holi?

We create innovative yet eco-friendly products that are made by talented craftsmen, all showcasing their skills while inculcating both trends and traditions. This Holi, you too can be a part of our lovely family! We have an amazing range ofholi color boxes andherbal holi colours for you to enjoy this festival while being cautious. Style up your fashion game for Holi by wearing our white kurties for holi and make everyone go wow. We have also made gifting easy for you by our collection ofholi hampers,holi greeting cards andholi gifts.  So, what are you waiting for? Gear up for the festival of colours today! 


1] What does holi color box comprise of?

Holi colour box set comprises a variety of organic colours made, completely eco-friendly and skin-friendly for you. Get your pretty Box Of Colors for holi today at iTokri.

2] What are different colours used for holi festival?

Gulaal is one main colour used but apart from that blue, yellow, pink, orange, green are also some of the popular colours used for Holi festival.