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    Cotton Bedcovers

    Cotton Bedcovers

    How often have you tossed and turned in bed during the night, bemoaning the rough bedsheet you spread before going to sleep? Most of us have experienced the same pain at least ten times, and many continue to worry ...

    Cotton Bedcovers

    How often have you tossed and turned in bed during the night, bemoaning the rough bedsheet you spread before going to sleep? Most of us have experienced the same pain at least ten times, and many continue to worry about it. Rough bedclothes, particularly those made of wool or inferior materials, can trigger allergies and impair sleep. Lack of sleep affects both our physical and mental well-being. Less sleep makes us irritable and lethargic the next day. Sobed sheet Cover materials definitely have an impact on our health. 

    But What Kind Of Material Is Best For A Bed Sheet?

    As a material for bed sheets, cotton has long been a popular choice. This is because cotton allows your skin to breathe and does not trap heat in the covers. Various studies have shown that cotton bed sheets lead to a satisfying night's sleep.

    Therefore, cotton bed sheets are the best option if you desire comfort and beauty. Cotton is an excellent option because of its breathable, calming, and hypoallergenic qualities. Additionally, cotton bedcover adds dimension to the space and blends well with other household items.

    Bed Covers To Match Your Style

    There are numerous bed covers available to suit various preferences & styles.

  • Solid

  • Choose solid bed covers if you like simple, traditional designs. Solid-coloured cotton bed coverings are lovely without becoming garish. Choose colourful covers to make your space more vivid. Also, choose covers in rich, neutral colours if understated elegance is more your style.

  • Printed 

  • Pick printed or patterned bed covers to spruce up your bedroom look. Available prints include floral, abstract, bagh, kalamkari geometric, striped, checkered, and more. Choose patterns and prints that complement the area's interior design when purchasing printed covers.

  • Batik

  • From Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, this premium hand-batik printed pure cotton double bed cover comes with pillowcases. Wax-resist dyeing is a method used to apply colour to complete fabrics and is known as batik. Indian batik's traditional patterns and designs are frequently handed down from one generation to the next.

  • Kalamkari 

  • Andhra Pradesh-made pillow coverings feature kalamkari block printing on a single layer of natural-dyed cotton. The oldest and most intricate form of block printing is kalamkari, which also displays various hand-block printed designs influenced by old-style kalamkari paintings.

  • Jacquard

  • With our luxurious jacquard bedding collections, you can give your bedroom a stunning makeover. Each piece is created on a jacquard loom using premium cotton yarn to give our bed linen beauties a subtly textured feel and rich finish. Our unique patterns and designs are woven into the fabric's core rather than printed or embroidered on top.

  • Ajrakh Printed 

  • This bed cover's pattern was made using "Ajrakh," a traditional hand block printing. Traditional Kutch Gujarati art is known as Ajrakh. Additionally, it is among the best types of block printing. The world adores Ajrakh for its exquisite hand-made patterns using natural dyes. 

    Popular things with this art on them include bed linens, saris, clothing, scarves, etc. If you want to add some traditional bedsheet design to your bedroom, look at our Ajrakh print bed linens.

    Different Sizes Of Cotton Bed Covers On iTokri

    You will never run out of options with the sheer variety of bed covers and designs available on iTokri. You don't need to search a different store to buy different bed coverings because every bed style is covered. 

    • The most opulent kind of bed one can have at home is a king-sized bed. These king-sized beds are unrivalled in terms of size and appeal, colours & patterns to suit every individual style.
    • If you own a double-sized or king-sized bed, queen-sized bed covers may be helpful to you. Additionally, these bed coverings are offered in patterns that can best showcase your personality. So, buy cotton bed sheets online for a reasonable price.
    • Double bed covers can be distinctive in unexpected ways. Buy bed covers online for a low price, whether you want double or queen-sized bed covers.
    • Single bed coverings are ideal for enhancing the beauty of your single beds. They are inexpensive and available for purchase online. 

    Why Choose us? 

    Online handcraft shopping in India or abroad might be challenging. You are unsure which retailer can be relied upon to provide genuine goods at the lowest possible cost. To give you a glimpse of traditional Indian workmanship,iTokri, India, the most popular Indian online store for handicrafts, is here. 

    Every item in this store is directly imported from skilled artisans from different regions of the nation. This aids the firm in ensuring you only receive genuine Indian antiquities and handmade goods. ITokri is ready to commemorate the long wait for you this festive season with excellent handmade goods at the best prices. 

    In A Nutshell!

    When it comes to selecting the ideal material for your bed, cotton bedsheets are the greatest option. Since cotton is a natural fibre developed specifically for clothing use, you may get cotton bedsheets online at a reasonable price only at iTokri. Contact us to learn more about our handmade goods. 


  • What is the meaning of bedcover?

  • Abed cover serves as a bed covering. In general, bed covers are thicker than bedsheets. Your bedsheet and mattress are shielded from tears and stains, which helps protect the mattress and bedsheet from dust, mould, and bacteria.

  • Why should you use a cotton bed cover?

  • Cotton is a material that breathes well and aids in wicking moisture from the body. Additionally, cotton is hypoallergenic, protecting you from allergic reactions and skin rashes as the fabric is produced using a natural process, making it non-synthetic and chemical-free.

  • Why is a cotton bed cover good for sleep?

  • One advantage of using cotton sheets is that you can sleep soundly for several hours because they are soft and lightweight, and great sleep results in a cheerful start the following day. You might choose blue or white hues in sweltering summers since they keep you cool.

  • Which bedsheet is good for summer?

  • Cotton is the greatest or at the least preferred option for bed linens because bedding made of cotton is naturally absorbent, gentle to the touch, well-ventilated, reasonably priced, and long-lasting. 

  • How to care for cotton bedcovers?

  • Keep your bedding cool and dry and out of direct sunlight. Avoid storing anything in plastic; instead, use permeable natural storage bags. Also, when using or cleaning your bedding, avoid using any items that contain bleach in order to preserve the distinctive colours of bedfolk.

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