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    "CraftLipi is the brainchild of Rajasree Golui, Master of Computer Applications (MCA) and Postgraduate Industrial Designer at Sunbeed Golui, IIT Delhi (BE, M.Des) in Inspirational Design. And to keep the organization working with multidimensional features and fiction, Alik Golui is always involved in the game. Alik is good at visual communication and also good at product photography and visual composition. CraftLipi started its own journey in September 2015. At CraftLipi, they aim for ""Innovation for Impact"". Their organization is working strategically to build a multi-product vertical with semi-skilled artisans and artists with an innate sense of the arts and crafts. With these semi-skilled craftsmen and local resources, tools, and techniques available in India, the goal is to have a portfolio of products of genuine ""Made in India"" level and quality."