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Handmade Footwear by Desika

Opt for Handmade Footwear And Choose From the Top-Rated Products in the iTokri Collection!

We have all been in situations where we really love a pair of shoes displayed in a shop window, go ahead and buy it and then find it does not fit as well as it looks. And that is quite a disappointment. This also happens when we shop for shoes online. Jutti is a traditional shoe from North India, and it has been taking the market by storm now. So naturally, many people all across the country go ahead and buy it online and then find that the machine-made goods don't fit so comfortably. To save from all this dilemma, iTokri brings a vast collection of handmade footwear, including Juttis sourced from the skilful artisans of the Kutch region, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. This footwear is available to you from Desika, a brand that creates wistful footwear ranges that conjugate ethnicity with handweaving skills.

Buy Beautiful Juttis and Comfortable Handmade Footwear from our Wide Range of Collections Only at iTokri.

  1. Hand Stitched Kutch Leather Flat Jutti: Juttis are not only great for wearing with ethnic or traditional outfits like lehengas, or Kurti but you can style the right pair of juttis with western outfits as well. Juttis are thus quite versatile, and you can pair them with several kinds of outfits. This hand-stitched flat leather jutti is sourced from Kutch and is a must-have in your wardrobe.
  2. Ikat Hand Stitched Kutch Leather Flat Jutti: If you look for something different from the juttis mentioned above, this hand-stitched leather jutti is perfect for you. It has ikat patterns all over it, giving the juttis a look for something different from a unique one. It would go well with ethnic as well as modern outfits.
  3. Kutch Embroidery Hand Stitched Leather Flat SLippers: Besides handmade juttis, another comfortable yet stylish pair of handmade footwear you need to check out are these slippers. Hand Stitched with leather by the local artisans of Kutch, these slippers too are pretty versatile and can be paired with many outfits. Besides that, these slippers also feature unique Kutch embroidery.

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri is your one-stop-shop for all things ethnic. We strive to hold up the rich culture and heritage of our vibrant country and help in the economic development of local artisans all over the country. From handmade juttis to Handloom Chanderi Silk fabrics, we have it all, not to mention fantastic pretty handmade home decor items and daily essentials as well.


Q1. What are the materials that are used to make footwear?

Ans. The most common materials used to make any kind of footwear are leathers, rubbers, foam, plastics, synthetics and synthetics. Each of these materials is used for specific uses, and depending on the shoe’s design,one-stop-shop each material would have a place in each pair of footwear.

Q2. How are the Leather Juttis made?

Ans. As you would know, Jutti is traditional footwear inIt Northern India. Initially, they used to be made entirely with local leather. However, it has evolved to different styles depending on the climate, materials, and usage in other parts of the country. The male artisans generally work on the cutting, stitching and assembly of the just while women add embellishments.