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Pooja Thali

Welcoming the Auspicious Festival of Diwali this Year with Beautiful Pooja Thalis from iTokri!

The festive season has already started, and this is when people from all over the world gear up for the oncoming festivals of Navratri and Diwali. During this time, markets are full due to the fantastic sales offered by malls and stores all across the country. And no less can be said for online stores as well. From online stores for clothes and beauty products to shoes, there are many lists that utilise the new collections and unbelievable discounts. To point out an unfortunate fact, the pandemic is still not over. Hence, everybody should shop online. Indeed, many people have done so this year to buy the necessities of the pooja season, and thus, have done the shopping safely. We at iTokri believe that we must celebrate Diwali with great pomp and show even if we can't go outside. Hence, we have brought to you a range of new collections for the festive season, ranging from homemade Diwali sweets to beautiful handmade pooja thalis.

Offer your Heartfelt Prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha this Diwali with pious Pooja Thali from iTokri

Here are some of the best collections of pooja thalis for this festive season of Diwali so that all your prayers are fulfilled without any hindrance.

  1. Traditional Handpainted Pooja thali: If you are looking for beautiful hand-painted pooja thalis for this Diwali, worry not, for we have you covered. This pooja thali set contains a hand-painted pooja thali with traditional designs, a Kalash, Deepak and a camphor bowl. The length and width of the pooja thali both measure 29 cm. Not only is this an excellent thali for using on festive occasions like Diwali or Karwa Chauth, but you can also use it for regular days. You can also buy this pooja thali set for gifting on wedding occasions of festive seasons like Diwali or Navratri.
  2. Traditional Handpainted pooja thali: Another pooja thali set that is great for Diwali is this set which contains a beautiful pooja thali hand-painted with conventional designs, a camphor bowl, a Kalash and a Deepak. Thus, you will find everything you need for the pious pooja offered to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha in this set. Moreover, the pooja thali that comes in this set is adorned with beautiful beads and, her embellishments make the thali look extra special. Like the set before, this set can also be used on regular days besides pooja occasions.

How to Decorate your Pooja Thali for Diwali?

If you already have pooja thali for Diwali at home, but it is not one of our traditional hand-painted pooja thali, you would probably be wondering how you could decorate it for the pooja. Here are some of the best ways you can decorate a pooja thali for the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

  1. Water filled Pooja Thali decoration: Decorate the edge of your pooja thali with colours, gota or lace. Then, fill the thali with water but not in a way that it overflows. Then, place a diya or lotus flower in the middle and spread flower petals (preferably rose) in the water-filled thali, along with a bowl of chawal and roli each.
  2. Banana Leaves Swastika Pooja thali decoration: Cut a banana leaf to the size of the pooja thali and use roli and chawal to make a “swastik” on the leaf. Finally, place the puja essentials, diyas and marigold on the thali to finish.
  3. Haldi and Roli Pooja thali decoration: For this decoration, you will first need to apply oil around the thali and then put some Haldi (turmeric) and roli on the thali and spread it evenly. Then with a matchstick, make designs on the thali and place the pooja essentials on the thali.

Why choose iTokri?

Now that you know all the pooja thalis iTokri offers, you might be interested in what items we curate in our other collections. We must mention that whether it is Holi or Diwali, we curate a vast range of products for each festive season and also offer these items at the most affordable prices. You will also find weave materials for ethnic clothing and essential items for your daily lives on our website. It would be quite correct to say that we never skimp on quality and our long list of satisfied customers prove precisely this fact. Besides that, we always provide your fast, hassle-free delivery.


Q1. What are the best pooja thalis?

Ans. We have given the list of the best Pooja thalis above. Besides that, we have a collection of Kansa pooja thalis which you can buy and utilize as well.

Q2.What is the range of pooja thalis that you have?

Ans. Besides the traditional hand-painted pooja thalis for Diwali that we have listed above, we have a range ofKansa pooja thalis that you could decorate for the occasion of Diwali. We have them in multiple sizes too. We also have other products necessary for Pooja like  Kansa bowls.

Q3.What are the essential tips to know for decorating a pooja thali?

Ans. We have mentioned a few ways that you can decorate your pooja thali for Diwali after our listing of traditional hand-painted pooja thalis.