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Handpainted Kalamkari Bags & Handmade Products by Dwaraka Plus

Celebrate The Indian Tradition And Heritage With The Best Of Kalamkari Weavers - Dwaraka Plus

Kalamkari is one of India’s oldest forms of art. It is ingrained in the Indian culture and heritage, among many other art forms. First, let’s discuss the meaning of Kalamkari. The literal translation of ‘kalam’ is a pen, and that of ‘Kari’ is art. A kalamkari is an art form that involves hand printing or block-printing on pieces of fabrics like cotton. One of the best features about Kalamkari is that it is a sustainable practice as it employs natural or vegetable dyes. 

The central hub of the Kalamkari industry in Andhra Pradesh, especially in the Srikalahasti and Machilipatnam regions and a few other smaller regions in this state. Kalamkari started as an occupation for the rural women of Andhra Pradesh and later passed on to further generations. At present, Kalamkari is not only in demand in the whole country but internationally as well.

Buy The Most Exclusive Products Featuring Kalamkari By Dwaraka Plus Only At iTokri!

iTokri brings to you the best collection of Kalamkari products by Dwaraka Plus that you will fall in love with!

  1. Spectacle CaseOur spectacles are one of the essential items in our daily lives. But do we always keep it safe and clean? To do just that, iTokri brings to you this cotton spectacle case featuring handpainted Kalamkari work by Dwaraka Plus.
  2. Multipurpose Pouch: It is always necessary to keep a pouch besides your wallets and shoulder bags for any emergency. But who said it couldn’t be fashionable? So check out this multipurpose pouch made of Ghicha silk with beautiful handpainted Kalamkari work that will blow your mind.
  3. Wallet: Wallets don’t have to be boring and of one solid colour. This wallet with naturally dyed cotton adorned with handpainted Kalamkari work is excellent for keeping your money and showing off your impeccable fashion sense.
  4. Hanging Torans: Besides you, you should show off your house too, especially since the festive season is here. This Toran featuring handpainted Kalamkari is perfect for keeping your money and adding a perfect ideal positive vibe to your house this year and can be used all year round as home decor.
  5. Shoulder Bags: A shoulder bag is not just an essential item to keep your belongings in when you step out but also a way to make a fashion statement. This shoulder bag made of silk with beautiful handpainted Kalamkari work is the perfect way to do just that!

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri whole-heartedly supports such organizations as Dwaraka Plus as they source their products from rural artisans and help them make a living for themselves. This is great for the economy and the environment as all of these products are entirely sustainable, thus reducing your carbon footprint while getting quality products.


Q1. What handmade items are in demand?

Ans. Of course, this would make for a vast list, but some handmade items in high demand are soaps, t-shirts and printed merchandise, jewellery, sweets, candles, handicrafts etc.

Q2.What is Dwaraka Plus?

Ans. Dwaraka Plus celebrates the artisans who practise the intricate art of Kalamkari and upholds these artisans by sourcing their products and helping them build a livelihood.