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    Natural Dyed Fabrics

    Towards Eco-Friendly Sustain...

    Towards Eco-Friendly Sustainable And Naturally Dyed Fabrics

    Eco-friendly fabric constitutes fibres that do not use any pesticides or chemicals to grow. They are disease-free and are resistant to mildew/mould naturally. iTokri provides a wide range of beautifully handpainted Srikalahasti Pen Work Chanderi Silk Sarees. It has been practised in Srikalahasti of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh for centuries. Srikalahasti is a new kalamkari style, where kalam means the pen is used to fill the natural drawings. The drawing is from natural dyes, which are extracted from flowers and vegetables. Chanderi sarees are produced from three kinds of fabric: Chanderi Cotton, Silk Cotton, and Pure Silk. The sarees are famous in India for their fine silk and beautiful GOld/Silver Zari’s. They are perfect for any weather conditions, is fungal repellant, and does not attract any mites. Eco-friendly fabrics are in need to prevent the crops from being treated with pesticides or insecticides. As regular clothing dyes contain Carcinogens that are harmful not just to the environment but also to our body, which is why natural dyeing should be preferred. Lehriya dupatta is one of the best dupattas on the handicraft store list. Also, check these fantastic designer dupattas online.

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