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Main Tumhara Kavi Hoon - I am Your Poet (DVD)


Partners INDEPENDENT FILM MAKERS  SKU: Main Tumhara Kavi Hoon

MAIN TUMHARA KAVI HOON  (Hindi), I Am Your Poet (English)

 Screening Format : DV, Duration : 40 Min


This film was to be on a poet and his poetry. It became a story of a person who lives a poem. We try to understand the person we see the poem, we try to understand the poetry; the poet comes and stands in front of us. And as we journey through the poetry and the poet, we end up with a mirror. In the mirror, a roughly-hewn life, small, innocent.... a dream-like existence, in the scrub forest, among the silent ruins, the old streets in the middle of the polis.

The poetry slowly shows us the way, and the way slowly becomes poetry. Ramashankar Vidrohi has never written poetry, he speaks out poetry.


He mind works like poetry. He converses, he cries, he sings in poetry; He speaks to himself, to you, to everyone in poetry; He philosophizes, he lectures, he bores, he makes resolutions, he raises slogans, all in poetry.


Vidrohi is the poet of our unknown, unorganized, underground nation. He is the poet of those whose constituency is always bearing the cost of empire-builders, the women, the children, and the billions who lie on the steps to the centre of power structure.

He speaks in a voice of the millinea of this land’s oral traditions, innumerable poets fakir-like, the radical-outsiders, and the wild- ones who refused to leave into the forest and stayed on our “civilized” edges.

So that all of us, who try to run from our deepest silences, from our nakedest social truths, develop the courage, to manifest our collective humanity.

Editor :  Imran

Director : Nitin K Pamnani, Imran Khan

Producer : Nitin K Pamnani, Imran Khan


Images by : Nitin K Pamnani, Imran, Shreedeep, Anmol Jeswani

Post Production sound : Asheesh Pandaya


A Dissolve Studio production 2011



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