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Games & Toys on iTokri

Handmade Game And Toys At iTokri

A toy is an item that is used to play and is designed especially for younger children. Apart from playing, toys also find their use in being a decorative piece so that your room looks beautiful and has a touch of Indian and traditional values in it. Nowadays, wooden and handmade toys have acquired their unique place in India, wherein these are used as showpieces in homes. Inspired by this, iTokri has included a vast collection of handmade toys made up of wood, clay and other such material. These toys are filled with various artistic folk and art so that you do not have to worry about their finish and durability. The collection of toys at iTokri includes Rajasthani Elephant handmade toy/ home decor items, Rajasthani Camel handmade toy and home decor, Banarasi wooden toys etc. Thus, you will get many options to choose from the best handmade toys for your children and your loved ones. Also, we assure you that the quality of the toys will not be hampered in any manner as the traditional small artisans exclusively make these of India; thus, you will also remain attached to the roots of Indian culture and tradition.

Other Handmade Items At iTokri

iTokri being the best online shopping platform, consists of a variety of handmade products ranging from the items made up of Pashmina to Bandhani. The products are handmade and handcrafted; thus, their durability is also very high. Also, since artisans are involved in making the goods and products, it helps them earn their livelihood. Therefore we are also fulfilling the made in India initiative too. The range of product included at the store are  writing paper,  dolls,  playmats,  baby bibs,  money banks online,  handmade sharpeners,  gift tags,  mouse pad,  rugs,  home utilities,  floor doormats,  door handles,  umbrellas,  heat pads  etc. Thus, the iTokri  handicraft store is the one-stop solution for all your shopping needs. To have the best shopping experience, you must shop at iTokri!

Think handmade, think iTokri!

Why choose iTokri?

iTokri being the traditional online shopping platform, has always attracted many customers; that’s why the total verified customers at iTokri are over 20,000. But, another fascinating thing about iTokri is the facilities provided to the customers like free shipping over all the products ranging above 500, fast delivery within a matter of seven days, easy replacement policies etc. Thus, to have the best shopping experience, you must shop at iTokri.


Q1. Which state is famous for wooden toys in India?

Banaras and Rajasthan are famous for wooden toys in India.

Q2. Are handcrafted Toys hygienic?

Yes, they are eco-friendly and hygienic.

Q3. Which city is famous for handcrafted toys?

Handcrafted toys can be seen in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.