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Pure Georgette Textiles

Buy Pure Georgette Textiles And Other Products Exclusively At iTokri.

Georgette is a simple, elegant crepe fabric with a dull finishing named after Georgette de la Plante, a French dressmaker from the early twentieth century. The material is made from heavily twisted yarns and was initially made from silk. The characteristic feature of the georgette textile is that it has a wavy surface created by alternating S and Z twist yarn both in warp and weft. It comes in all kinds of coloured products and is often used to make blouse pieces, dresses, evening gowns, saris and trimmings. Georgette has a relatively light yet drapey side, making it ideal for casual attire and unsuitable for even more organised fabrics. iTokri has included a large variety of georgette textile and other products exclusively for its customers. Since the georgette textile is very delicate but is made from various synthetic fibres and thus is prone to damage. But you do not have to worry because traditional artisans make the one available on iTokri; thus, it is highly durable compared to others available in the market. The collection includes Lucknow chikankari tepchi hand embroidered georgette textiles, Lucknow chikankari hand embroidered entire jaal textile etc. Thus, to purchase pure georgette textiles, you must shop at iTokri.

Other Handmade Items And Products At iTokri

iTokri  handicraft store is the best online shopping platform with only traditional handmade products made by skill and hard work. These handcrafted products are best suited for any occasion, and the home decor items are very aesthetic and will make your home look authentic and aesthetic. Other handmade items at iTokri are  georgette sarees,  georgette stoles,  georgette fabrics,  georgette dupattas,  dress material,  face covers,  shoulder bags,  writing paper,  dolls,  playmats, etc. Thus, to buy only handmade items, you must shop at iTokri.

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri is the only Indian store that has only handmade products at its store. But apart from this, our customer care services are also loved by everyone because with fast delivery of the products within seven days, and we also provide the facility of the free shipping over all the products ranging above Rs, 500. Also, you will have the option to pay through multiple payment platforms and also e-gift cards are also available to gift them to your loved ones. Thus, to have the best shopping experience, you must shop at iTokri!!


Q1.What can you make with georgette fabric?

The fabric is manufactured initially from silk and is made with highly twisted yarns. The characteristic feature of the georgette textile is that it has a wavy surface created by alternating S and Z twist yarn both in warp and weft.

Q2. Is Georgette good for summer?

Yes, since it has a light texture and is very lightweight, it is fit for summers.

Q3. What does Georgette feel like?

Georgette has a very light and drapey hand, rendering it best suited to loose flowing garments and inappropriate for more structured pieces.