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German Silver Oxidised Anklets

German Silver Oxidised Anklets At iTokri.

German silver is a copper alloy with nickel and zinc. It is used as a base element for ash-silver-plated cutlery and other silverware. It is basically under in zippers, high-quality keys, costume jewellery, for making various musical instruments, and other such materials. iTokri has included an extensive range of German silver oxidised anklets consisting of a handmade anklet with German silver in cotton fabric and various vibrant colours. It thus served as the best jewellery that you can wear on any occasion that you think fit. Apart from this, these anklets acquire all girls' recent attraction out there and prefer comfortable, and anklets do not cause any inconvenience to them.

Further, another fascinating feature of these handmade anklets is that they are handmade and handcrafted by traditional artisans of India; thus, they do not get worn out easily without even repeated use. The silver oxidised anklets are a must-buy product for you if you are an oxidised jewellery fan. iTokri assure you that they will not be hampered goods' quality, and you will receive the most authentic and beautiful anklets at your home.

Other Handmade Items At iTokri

iTokri  handicraft store is the best Indian traditional online platform with handmade, handcrafted, hand-carved and different conventional items at its store. Further, since small artisans make these of India skilled and qualified in the field for years, the finish of these products is mesmerising. By doing this, we also help them earn their livelihood and contribute to the country's economy. That's why we are known as the actual #madeinIndia store. The kind of products included at our store is  silver bangles,  german silver necklaces,  rings,  earrings,  nose pins,  necklace set,  silver jewellery collection,  silver toe rings,  Juda pins etc.

Why choose iTokri?

We have already deliberated upon the kinds of the product included at our store, but our user-friendly services are more attractive to the customers. With fast delivery of products within seven days, free shipping over all the products ranging above 500, you can enjoy shopping at our store, without any trouble. Thus, we are the one-stop solution for all your needs and expectations. So, to buy the most authentic and aesthetic items, you must shop from the online store of iTokri. Thus, think handmade, think iTokri!!


Q1. How do you keep jewellery oxidised?

You need to regularly wash it with warm water and not keep it open for a more extended period.

Q2. Does oxidised silver wear off?

No, with care and caution, it can last for a more extended period.

Q3. How do you clean oxidised anklets?

You can clean them by soaking the anklets in lukewarm water and then rinse them off with soap or detergent.