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    One of India's ancient living traditional heritage houses of fragrance that has been recognized as the world's oldest perfumery tradition. It is serving for 200 years and is still taking the legacy forward for seven glorious generations. Be it incense sticks or oils or potpourri, Gulab Singh Johrimal has accomplished a prodigious spot in Indian as well as global markets by contributing top-notch products. Their qualified, hardworking & creative employees work consistently to accomplish any kind of challenges that comes their way. One can shop for any perfumery product they wish and they will never disappoint you. The magnificent aroma their products give is tough to beat in an olfactory sense. In collaboration with Gulab Singh Johrimal, iTokri is presenting these glorious products.

    Add to the Ambience of your House with Gulab Singh Johrimal, Delhi

    Gulab Singh Johrimal was established in 1816 in India and is the oldest living traditional heritage house for fragrances in India. They continue to honor ...

    Add to the Ambience of your House with Gulab Singh Johrimal, Delhi

    Gulab Singh Johrimal was established in 1816 in India and is the oldest living traditional heritage house for fragrances in India. They continue to honor the world’s oldest perfumery traditions even after serving fragrance lovers for over 200 years and through seven magnificent generations. iTokri thus brings to you the all-natural attars, incense sticks, and several other fragrant products manufactured by Gulab Singh Johrimal at the most affordable prices. 

    It has been a tradition in Indian culture, especially Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, to light incense sticks during pooja rituals. While earlier incense sticks were made out of natural ingredients like aromatic herbs, woody plants, and resins, we see most incense stick manufacturers using chemical products nowadays. However, you can rest assured that you will find all-natural fragrant products from Gulab Singh Johrimal at the itokri website.

    Buy the Best Gulab Singh Johrimal Products from iTokri Online.

    Here are some of the best agarbattis or incense sticks from Gulab Singh Johrimal that you can find on the website of iTokri.

    1. Sandalwood- Natural Krishna incense sticks: Sandalwood is a classic fragrance and one that everyone loves because it gives a very calming and peaceful ambiance to the house. These incense sticks are made naturally using naturally fragrant roots, flower petals, barks, and essential oils to form the base or “masala.” This masala is then rolled by hand on shredded bamboo and held together by honey or jaggery. You will find 20 pieces of incense sticks in this pack.
    2. White OOD-Natural Flora Incense 100 sticks: White OOd or Oudh is a very clean, sweet, and light fragrance, and incense sticks with this fragrance give an incredible ambiance to your rooms. This pack contains 100 incense sticks made from natural ingredients, and the process of making them is the same as the above listing.
    3. Musk Rose- Natural Flora Incense 100 sticks: Musk rose is an uncommon fragrance in incense sticks; however, the incense sticks made from these are all-natural and have a sweet, spicy, and slightly fruity smell. This pack, too, contains 100 incense sticks.
    4. Vanilla- Natural Attar Unisex Perfume Oil: Attar or simple perfume is yet another fragrant product used widely worldwide. This particular attar is made of all-natural ingredients from a generations-old formula containing no alcohol or chemical ingredients. As a result, the predominant fragrance is vanilla.
    5. Aphrodesia- Natural Attar Unisex Perfume Oil: The predominant fragrance of this attar is aphrodisia, and it is a multipurpose perfume oil that both men and women can use. If you use it on clothes, the fragrance can last over a day.

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    Q1.What are Gulab Singh Johrimal products?

    Ans. Gulab Singh Johrimal specializes in fragrant products like incense sticks, Indian attars, and so on, made out of all-natural ingredients.

    Q2. Where to get Gulab Singh Johrimal products online?

    Ans. You can getGulab Singh Johrimal products online at the iTokri website.

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