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    Hand Block Prints Fabrics

    Feel The Beauty Of Classic Motifs With Hand Block Print Fabric

    Printed fabrics are the best ones if you need a versatile everyday look. Bringing you this beauty of classic motifs, iTokri has a collection of hand block print fabric along with pure  fabrics online sourced from different parts of the country. Hand block prin...

    Feel The Beauty Of Classic Motifs With Hand Block Print Fabric

    Printed fabrics are the best ones if you need a versatile everyday look. Bringing you this beauty of classic motifs, iTokri has a collection of hand block print fabric along with pure  fabrics online sourced from different parts of the country. Hand block printing is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all textile printing methods, which gives the most artistic results. You can explore all kinds of options ranging from silk to cotton block print fabric available here. Not just the block print fabric online, you can also get salwar kameez, masks, bed sheets, and various other handcrafted options in the block printed fabric range. You can also gift hand block printed length of Chanderi or Mashru silk online and linen fabric from the best weavers in India to a loved one on this festive occasion. Gift an Indian block print fabric or get one for you, these are the best ways to style up your everyday look.

    Buy Handblock Craft Products Online

    Check out the mesmerising, traditional handblock print sarees online that will make heads turn at every event. You could also explore and buy handblock print stoles and scarves online to match your outfit. Were you looking for the best handblock print dress material online? Your search ends at iTokri. Get designer suits and dresses made of these authentic hand block dress material and also level up your suits and Indian dresses with these best handblock print dupattas.
    Also, explore the exquisite collection of the beautiful handblock crafts of India and give your clothing and house a little traditional touch.

    Product Range Of Block Printed Fabric At iTokri 

    Block printing is a skill that has been handed down through the ages. It is a very time-consuming craft that calls for painstaking attention to precision, incredible hand-eye coordination, and minute attention to detail. It's amazing to watch how the block makers, washers, dyers, printers, and tailors work together as a single team to produce textiles with an unmatched beauty. Block-printed fabrics are rooted in consideration and connection in a world of mass-produced, machine-made reproductions and fast fashion. They share original tales about their creation and makers. Here at iTokri we value art and tradition and we offer a huge range of hand-block print fabric, cotton block print fabric, and beautiful hand-block materials. Buy block printed fabric online at an affordable price at iTokri and explore our beautiful collection of  Akola hand block print fabrics,   hand block print curtains,  hand block print sarees,  sanganeri block print shirts,  sarees with ajrakh block print,  ajrak block printed Kurtis,  bagh block print sarees,  bagru dabu block print natural dyed fabrics,nganeri block print fabrics of Rajasthan and a lot more.

    Why iTokri is the best place to buy printed fabrics?

    To ensure that you get the best quality handmade products online, iTokri sources everything from craftsmen directly. From plain solid fabric to printed ones, they are checked for colour fastness and quality of prints. If you need fabrics of the south or cotton of the north, iTokri is the best place for you.

    Shop the Best Corporate Diwali Gifts for Your Coworkers

    The festival of lights is around the corner. Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. And sharing love in the form of  Diwali gifts with your loved ones is an important tradition. Make your coworkers happy this festive season by sharing iTokri’s collection of  corporate gifts and  gift hampers. This  affordable gift collection adds more joy to your colleague's life without burning a hole in your pocket.

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    Block Printed Fabrics

    Do you love an exquisite set ofhand block print fabrics? Have you noticed how eco-friendly block printed fabrics are? Indian block print fabrics are made of sustainable and traditional practices such as fabric weaving, dyeing, and printing. Buy exoticblock print fabrics online with stunning designs and bright colour patterns! 

    The birth of block printed fabrics

    Cherished ever since the Mughal era,hand block print fabrics are admired and allured by people all around the world. Block printing has always been a trend when it comes to fashion and has a tremendous demand in the apparel industry for sarees, suits, and dresses and also for products such as handbags, etc. Combined with chunky jewellery, hand block fabrics give a chic and modern look and add a unique charm to your personality. 

    How are block printed fabrics made?

    Block-printed fabrics are extensively made from wood and rubber, where artisans handcarve your desirable designs and print them. Once completely carved, the blocks are treated with oil to hold colour and set aside to soften for some time. Later, the required impression is created, and amazing textiles with a rustic finish are ready for grabs! Get your favourite block print dress material online and feel their uniqueness. Created with the utmost care, eachhand block fabric has its own unique story with attractive textures and special qualities unrivalled by other designs. 

    With intricate efforts and authentic touches,hand-block printed fabrics are truly a celebration of ecological integrity with beautifully printed renditions of plants, animals, and human culture. Theblock-printed fabrics are properly printed and colour bonded with the fibre. This procedure is carried out to resist colour from fading while washing or applying friction. Several methods are available for placing colours on the fabric while printing, such as wooden blocks, stencils, engraved plates, or rollers. 

    Better results are obtained on a wooden block for carving desired patterns and specific designs. Stones can also be preferred for hand block printing. With a well-equipped team of professional experts,cotton block print fabrics can be created with absolute uniformity and clear patterns. Fascinatingblock print materials are available online that add an edge to the garments and make them look alluring. Get your favouritekalamkari sarees anddupattas online with fashionable and elaborate designs. 

    Indian block print fabrics are carved in simple geometric formations or more detailed impressions as per the needs of the consumers to serve them by moulding hand block designs in the best possible way by the designers. 

    The final word

    Celebrate festivals by sendingrakhi gifts and rakhi hampers to your friends and family and spread joy and happiness. Drawing many consumers from across the globe,hand block printed fabrics are truly wanted for serving the needs of Indian and global fashion.

    Add a touch of beauty to your home by getting purecotton dress material from your favouritehandloom stores. Orderblock print dress material online fromus and get the hand-printed fabric delivered to your doorstep. 


    What is hand block printed fabric?

    Hand-carving a design into wooden blocks produces fabrics that have a block print fabric . To transfer the design, these are then covered in dye or ink and pushed onto the fabric. For a clear print and even ink distribution across the fabric, it is crucial to ensure that your placement is strong and exact.

    Does hand block print fade?

    All block-printed fabrics are affected by direct light, can fade over time, and change colour due to the nature of the natural dyes employed, hence the stability and durability of colours cannot be guaranteed.

    What is the difference between hand painting and block printed?

    The following are the variations between woodblock printing and hand block printing: Hand printing is a type of printing in which individuals use their hands to apply paint on a surface or piece of cloth. Contrarily, a technique called woodblock printing involves colouring and pasting printed texts and images onto a surface.

    What are block prints made of?

    Block printing is a relief printing method that transfers ink onto cloth or paper using a carved substance, often made of wood, linoleum, or rubber. A mirror image of the carving is produced as a result of using the block as a stamp.

    Which state is famous for hand block printing?

    Hand Block printing is a traditional Rajasthani technique that has been done there for ages. The colours used in block printing are natural. Rajasthan is renowned for its extensive use of the block printing technique even today.

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