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Hand Block Printed Sling Bags

Add more charm to your outfit with a sling bag!

When shopping for bags, you are likely to come across a sea of different options. One of the most popular types of bags is a sling bag. They are really stylish and quite versatile too. These bags bring out the best in every outfit without compromising the aesthetics of the attire. If you are looking to make a fun addition to your carefully curated collection of bags, the fantastic array of hand block printed sling bags by iTokri is what you must check out. These handmade bags are not just pretty to look at, and they are very durable as well. They offer you ample space to put your things in and are reasonably priced too. Check out this beautiful collection and order your favourite today!

Other must-have handmade products by iTokri

iTokri handicraft store is India’s best online shopping platform that brings you an exclusive, one-of-a-kind collection of various handmade products and art and crafts that will surely steal your heart. All products are handcrafted and handwoven, contributing to their authenticity while reflecting the rich Indian culture. 

iTokri offers a wide variety of durable and high-quality handmade products for you to choose from that are not just limited to these amazing hair bands. Check out our impressive collection of ladies purses, shoulder bags,  hand-painted sling bag,  mashru sling bag,  handcrafted leather bag,  cushion covers,  and  hand-embroidered bags, and amp up the aesthetics of your beautiful bag collection!  iTokri is a one-stop solution for all your needs. Bring home these fantastic products from iTokri that will add a breath of fresh hair to your collection.

Why choose iTokri?

iTokri is the most authentic Indian crafts store that exclusively brings you various unique and durable products. iTokri is a firm believer in the Make In India movement. All of our products are made by small traditional artisans who make them by hand. When you shop from iTokri, you don't just help contribute to the livelihood of these artisans but also play a conscious role in helping grow the country’s economy. You also get to enjoy our excellent customer care service available at all times for your convenience, quick delivery of products (within seven days), free shipping of products over Rs. 500, easy replacement, return and cancellation policy, and multiple payment options. If you are looking for gifting ideas, we have the best of options you will love as well as e-gift cards. From sarees to hair bands, iTokri has it all,sirf aapke liye. Shop from iTokri and experience an incredible shopping experience sitting at home. 


  • What are sling bags?
  • A sling bag is a shoulder bag that you can wear parallel to your body or across it. Here you find just one strap on the load attached to both similar ends of the pack. You can buy the best women's sling bags online from iTokri. Explore through the collection and get your favourite.

  • What is the difference between a sling bag and a shoulder bag?
  • There are various types of bags available in the market, but there is always a relatable confusion between the classic “sling bag” and a “shoulder bag”. The most significant difference between the two is that a sling bag can be understood as a one-shoulder bag or a bag whose strap rests just on one of your shoulders. On the other hand, with a shoulder bag, the straps of the bag rest on both your shoulders. Essentially, sling bangs have only one long strap, while shoulder bags have two straps parallel. 

  • Are sling bags good?
  • Sling bags are very stylish and practical. They are easy to carry, and with their varying sizes, you can use one according to your need for the day. They look mature and go well with everything - from a dress to a Kurti. So the bottom line is, yes, sling bags are indeed good.