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Hand Embroidery Cushion Covers

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Cushion Covers

Are you bored with your room? It can become a bit monotonous to look at the same walls, same decor, curtains, and pillows, making you feel tired of coming back to the same room every day! So why not just lighten up the mood? Wondering how you can do that? The easiest and often fastest way is just to change the decor a little bit. And the first step to changing the decor to make the room a little more lively is to buy new cushion covers or pillow covers. It may sound like a silly idea, too small to make a difference, but these little details play an essential role in transforming the look of your room. After all, repainting your room or changing the wallpaper are not feasible options every time, so focus on the small details. They can be agents of significant change! 

Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the decorations in your room a little. Why? Well, psychologists say that if a human being is subjected to the same environment every day, they feel bored and tired and lose energy to work. A monotonous environment causes them to get lethargic and feel drowsy all day. A slight change in decor can go a long way in lifting the mood and re-energizing us. So, always make sure to change the settings in your room, maybe once a month or so.

As we said, the first and easiest step to changing the decor is to change cushion covers, and maybe it is time to go for some embroidered cushion covers. You are wondering where to get the perfect cushion covers? Worry not, and you are in the right place! iTokri has in its stock the best hand embroidery cushion covers made by highly talented artisans of India. These beautiful cushion covers can rejuvenate the ambience of your room and make you feel better. You can buy the best hand embroidered cushion covers online only from iTokri. iTokri hain sirf aapke liye!

Get The Best Cushion Covers From iTokri

These beautiful cushion covers will surely steal your heart at first sight! Their alluring designs with intricate detailing, along with the premium quality of our fabrics, guarantees complete customer satisfaction! So, if you want to buy hand-embroidered cushion covers online, you know where to come! 

iTokri offers you the broadest range of options to choose from. We present a large variety of products, including  silk cushion covers,  cotton cushion covers,  patchwork cover,  banarasi cushion cover, and a lot more. So visit our website and shop to your heart’s content!

Why Choose Itokri

Now you may wonder, why choose iTokri when you can have many other options? Well, the answer to this is that iTokri offers the best selection in the market. iTokri’s designs and product quality are unparalleled. iTokri makes sure to pick each item with care from the artisans of India and brings it exclusively to discerning customers like you. So, what are you waiting for? Visit iTokri today and get your hands on the best cushion covers today!


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

1. What material is best for cushion covers?

Cotton and linen are the best materials for cushion covers. These materials are widely used for making cushion covers worldwide, and iTokri provides the best range of cushion covers. Moreover, you can get the best hand embroidered cushion covers only from iTokri.

2. What size should a cushion cover be?

The ideal size for a cushion cover is 45 cm * 45 cm. However, the dimensions may vary according to the size of your cushion. You can look over the options at iTokri and select the one you prefer.

3. How do I choose a cushion cover?

Choosing a cushion cover instead of the ideal cushion cover can be tricky! But you don’t have to worry as iTokri has a plethora of options. You need to choose one according to the size of your cushion, or then as per your colour preferences or design preferences. 

Go get the cushion cover of your choice from iTokri today!