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Hand Knitted Woolens from Uttarakhand

Spruce Up Your Winter Wardrobe with Best-Quality Hand-Knitted Woolens Brought to you by iTokri Exclusively from Uttarakhand

In India, winters are pretty differently experienced in different parts of the country. In some regions, you will get freezing nights but moderate weather during the day, whereas, in other places, you will feel the chills in the air all through the days and nights of winter. So in whoever part of the country you live in, you would need to invest in your winter wardrobe. Depending on how cold it gets in your region, you will need to get socks, scarves or mufflers and other woollens. iTokri thus brings you a massive collection of woollen garments and accessories that would be perfect for you in the winters. From neck warmers, woollen mufflers and socks, we have it all. So check out some of the best-selling hand-knitted woollens in our store in the list given below!

Buy Top-Rated Hand-Knitted Woolen Garments and Accessories from Our Website iTokri.

  1. Kumaun Hand-Knitted Woolen Cowl: We have all been in those months where there is a nip in the air, but it is not yet cold enough to get your sweaters yet. During these chilly times, your best friend would be a woollen cowl that will keep you warm enough. This woollen cowl is hand-knitted by the talented artisans of Kumaun. It has a gorgeous colour combination that you will fall in love with instantly!
  2. Kumaun Hand-Knitted Leg Warmer: Leg warmers are yet another essential woollen accessory or garment to have in your closet. How else would you wear that cute skirt or dress in the winter? Invest in this hand-knitted Leg warmer sourced from Kumaun, and forget your worries about the cold!
  3. Kumaun Hand-Knitted Woolen Socks: Socks are something you have to buy for winters, and these hand-knitted woollen ones are your ideal choice.
  4. Kumaun Hand-Knitted WoolenNeckwarmer: If you are not looking for a long muffler or scarf, a hand-knitted Kumaun neck warmer is the best thing to have to keep yourself warm.
  5. Kumaun Hand-Knitted Woolen Muffler: Lastly, mufflers save the day for when you feel like you just cannot get warm. You can cover your neck and ears with them, and you quickly stop feeling cold!

Why Choose iTokri?

Now that you have seen and gauged the range of our winter collection, you may be wondering if there are other garments that we curate. Indeed, we do! We curate traditional clothes from different regions of our country and specialise in quality home decor and daily essentials. You can check out all our products from our website and pick your favourites now!


Q1. What is the use of mufflers in winter?

Ans. Mufflers are one of the essential winter garments that you must have in your wardrobe. They help keep your ears and neck warm and covered during the chilly months. Moreover, you can also use it as a fashion accessory overcoats for suits and drape it in different ways to suit your purpose. Even hanging a muffler around your shoulders would make you look pretty stylish.

Q2. Which process is involved in making a woollen favourite muffler?

Ans. Woollen mufflers are made by knitting. A woollen muffler can be made either by hand-operated circular knitting machines or can be made by knitting with your hands as well.