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    Hand-painted Sling Bags

    Handpainted Organic Sling Bags from iTokri

    Our parents used to get us involved in arts and crafts when we were younger to keep our excitement and, to be honest, destructive tendencies in check. Many children’s favourite pastimes before the Internet were painting or constructing crafts out of household items. Parents are becoming more aware of the Internet hand painted designs’ to children and are attempting to bring back the days of crafts. However, this time, eco-friendly and compostable materials were chosen to ensure that no environmental harm was caused.

    iTokri is an Indian e-commerce site where we can shop for Indian handicrafts and handloom products. By supplying you with these eco-friendly handicrafts, iTokri is committed to preserving Indian culture. iTokri also provides convenient worldwide shipping and the option of paying with cash on delivery, which reduces the risk of online payment failure.

    Some Naturally Dyed and Embroidered Sling Bags from iTokHandpainted

    1. Handpainted Kalamkari Natural Dyed Ghicha Silk Sling Bag

    This detachable sling bag is of excellent quality, made from handpainted kalamkari natural coloured cotton and ghicha silk fabric. Inside, it includes three compartments, three zippers, and five simple pockets. This gorgeous sling bag is made with handpainted kalamkari, in which the subject is drawn freehand, and the colours are filled up using a “kalam” or pen. It’s entirely made by hand with natural dyes. As a result, there India’s enough room for most of your things.

    2. Madhubani Hand-Painted Jute Cotton Sling Bag

    Ruchi Jha of Bihar handpainted ancient Mithila art form on this sling bag made of jute cotton with Madhubani art. There are two compartments, one zipper pocket on the inside with a spill-proof plastic layer inside, and one zipper pocket on the rear. Madhubani artworks are created with natural dye colours, with geometrical shapes and brilliant colours being significant aspects.

    3. Original Crewel Hand Embroidered Sling Bag

    Original crewel hand-embroidered sling bag made of quilted velvet material and leather in excellent condition. There is one zipper compartment on the inside. So there are India’s enough room for most of your things. Crewel art is a sort of surface patchwork historically done in Kashmir with woollen or silk thread. Silk is prized for its organic beauty and elegance. To follow a pattern contour done to the material, several different embroidery strokes are used. The approach has been around for minimum a of 1000 years.

    4. Double Pocket Block Print Fabric Sling Bag

    These sling bags are made of cotton fabric that has been hand-block printed. There are no pockets on the inside and four zipped compartments on the outside. Inside is a cotton fabric lining.

    What are the Potential benefits of iTokri?

    iTokri has started a Crafts Initiatives to collect, develop, and produce genuine and ecological products from Indian artists. Our team created a solution to aid in the preservation of India's distinctive and different heritage while also assisting local companies and artisans across the nation.


    Q1. What is hand painting?

    Ans -Products painted using hands such as spray paintings or tie-dye, and there is no involvement of hand painting machines.

    Q2.How is kalamkari hand painting done?

    Ans -The initial stage in making Kalamkari is sparging it in exfoliants and buffalo milk, then sun-drying it. The red, black, brown, and violet areas of the designs are then delineated with a mordant, and the cloth is then immersed in an alizarin bath.

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