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Handblock Prints Cotton Night Suits

Night Suits By iTokri

After spending almost 2 years at home due to COVID 19 lockdown imposition across the country, life has finally started to get on track. However, there are specific significant issues while we start making ourselves accustomed to the work from office culture. We need to get used to the daily metro rush, wake up in the morning, come back home drained after the days' work, and travel is something we need to get used to now. One of the major problems most of us are facing is the dressing problem. In those lockdown days, we all used to lounge in our PJs and night suits the whole day. And now, with the advent of things returning to normal, we have these 9 to 5 offline office hours, which we still need to be accustomed to.

With this, staying in formals has become a task, and many people find it challenging to wear formals for a continuous stretch. No depreciation is intended for formal work outfits, but we still don't feel comfortable or at ease with formals; reason? Formals with them bring a sense of responsibility and presentability; on the contrary, your PJs get a sense of leisure pleasure to your brain. Night suits are certainly everyone's comfy outfit.No matter how expensive a suit you're wearing, and your mental peace rests in those night suits you will be wearing after you reach home. And with the advent of the digital revolution, we are now witnessing night suits available online. 

Why Choose itokri?

At iTokri, we have a vast range of unique cotton night suits. We sell simple designed night suits that are best suited for nightwear and are unconventional to look at. We continuously strive to make improvements in our customer care service. We have some uniquely designed night suits at relatively affordable prices, such as floral night suits and block-printed night suits. Contrary to the general fad, we sell cotton night suits which, as mentioned, enhance the customer's comfort level while wearing it and also cotton as a fabric is considered ideal for the coming summer season as it has excellent absorbent properties and thus does not irritate the skin by sweat being trapped. These night suits certainly stand out in a group of other night suits, and we do have size charts with the measurements mentioned, which will help you choose your size more accurately. Apart from the category above, we have unstitched  dress materials online,  rakhi hampers,  cotton masks online, and different types of  fabrics online.


1. What is a night suit called?

Night suits are called by different names based on their category. Night suits are sold in a wide range of types, such as night robes, maxi, shorts, and T-shirts, and the conventional loose night suits, which consist of top and bottom wear.

2. What do you wear under a PJ?

Under a PJ or pajama, one prefers wearing a comfortable T-shirt, or you can pair it up with a short kurti to give it a bit of a Desi look.

3. What is the best material preferred for night suits?

The best material preferred for night suits is cotton as it is pretty comfortable and absorbs sweat rather than accumulating it on the skin surface.