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polymer clay

Handcrafted Polymer Clay on iTokri

We have something for you if you have been looking for a hobby that doesn't take up a lot of your time but still allows you to be creative. Handcrafted polymer clay is one of the best choices to go with to enhance your creativity level and at the same time have fun. You can buy accessories and decorations that can help elevate the look of your home and yourself. If you are tired of the usual run-of-the-mill jewellery pieces around you and want something that will set you apart from others, then handcrafted polymer clay is the one for you.

Uses of Polymer Clay 

After buying polymer clay online, what can you do with it? You can use the clay for many things like:- you can start with basic modelling. Then, you can make ashtrays, jewellery, pen stands, knitting sticks, incense holders and other such things. If you have a child, you can indulge in fun activities with them using handmade polymer clay. Polymer clay products also make cute gifts for friends and family. You can create specialised products for people you love. If you get good at it, you can also start a small business of your own. After all, life is all about creativity.  If you are looking to buy handcrafted polymer clay in India, you have come to the right place. iTokri is known for providing its customers with the best quality products. The handmade polymer clay on iTokri is excellent and safe to use. They don't smell and are ethically sourced. There are multiple good reviews for these on the website. 

Why Choose iTokri

iTokriis an Indian  handloom site dealing with the best collection of arts and crafts of India. It specialises in bringing these sustainable methods of fashion to the international scale. You can find a variety of things here.iTokrimakes sure that the underrated crafts of India and the artisans are given enough exposure. You, too, can support these people and this movement by checking out the site and buying from this trusted place so that the right people get their dues. The current trending products oniTokriinclude  handloom sarees online from India; We have a lot of  fabrics online India and patterns that you can choose from. These are perfect for various occasions, and you can wear them regularly as well. If you look for good  cotton fabric online in India, you have come to the right place. Cotton is a versatile fabric, and oniTokri, you can find a vast range of products made out of cotton apart from materials. You can use these fabrics to stitch things, including Kurtis, shirts, and skirts. We also have a catalogue of  dupatta online that you can pick from to match your Kurtis and be used as a protective clothing layer in summers. iTokri aims to make fashion slow and sustainable and also affordable. If you want to find good handmade products online in India, Itokri will provide you with a comprehensive catalogue.

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  1. What is polymer clay good for?

Polymer clay is suitable for making jewellery, decoratives, small ornaments, and trinkets. 

  1. Is polymer clay suitable for beginners?

Yes. It requires minimum effort and is easy to work with. Hence, it is suitable for beginners. 

  1. Do you need water for polymer clay?

That's the good thing about polymer clay, and you do not need water for it.