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Handmade & Handcrafted Products

Add The Beauty Of Handmade Products Into Your Life

Handmade products are loved and appreciated by one and all for the intricate methods that make them, and of course, the eventual attractive items made. Handmade and handcrafted products add a touch of elegance and charm to every home or office decor idea while looking very trendy. In the truest sense, handmade products are evergreen. They are sustainable and attractive at the same time. And these are reasons why you must decide to include some handmade products into your life today!

Buy The Best Handmade Products Online At iTokri

iTokri brings you a collection of unique and creative handmade and handcrafted products that is sure to steal your heart. Our bouquet of products includes everything, from beautiful  notebooks,  Mysore paintings,  wall hangersto decorative items,  spectacle cases,  lamps, and  jewellery boxes. Shop for premium quality, reliable and sustainable, handmade products online at iTokri for attractive prices, and bring home some beautiful items of home decor everyone will love. 

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iTokri is a popular online store that brings you authentic, premium quality handicrafts that add more charm to your life. The products include rugs, maddur golden grass mats, umbrellas to heat pads, home utilities, fridge covers, and even door handles; iTokri has a wide variety of impressive handmade products. Once you check out the collection, we are sure you will find it hard to stop at buying just one. Shop from iTokri and enjoy unique products, excellent customer service, fast track delivery, and multiple payment options to make the shopping for your favorite handcrafted products a joyful experience. 


1. What is the history of handmade crafts?

It is not easy to trace the origin of handmade crafts, but one can estimate it was introduced in the Indus Valley Civilization. One will find the first examples of handicrafts in the Indus Valley Civilization, with what has been found in MohenJo-Daro, Sindh dating back to approximately 3000 B.C - 1700 B.C. The Indus Valley Civilization has had a rich tradition of handicraft and technical know-how in pottery and similar art. You can buy premium quality handmade products online at iTokri!

2. How were handmade arts and crafts started?

The movement began in Britain but quickly became an American style. John Ruskin’s writing inspired these, and the initial theme was the idea of a craftsman taking pride in his handiwork. In today's date, arts and crafts are used as an expressive tool to portray contemporary issues. You can buy the best handmade arts and crafts at iTokri and explore through our vast collection!

3. Which country is famous for handmade products?

India is most famous globally for handmade products. If you want to buy premium quality authentic handmade products, iTokri offers an impressive collection you can check out.