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Handwoven Cotton Dress Materials

Buy Hand Woven Cotton Fabrics

Indian textiles have a deep and rich place woven into the history of this country. Indian materials are famous globally, and the rich culture encased in these fabrics emanates the diverse beauty of this country. Handwoven textiles have a unique place and are one of the most popular fabrics used in the country. Handwoven cotton fabrics are utilized to make  cotton dress materials,  fabrics online,  shawls, bags, and a lot more. The best part? They are eco-friendly, sustainable as they are durable and long-lasting, and the material is spun from looms that do not make use of electricity-run machines. This also lets the weaver craft these handwoven cotton fabrics with intricacies that showcase their skilled expertise. At iTokri, we have a beautiful range of handwoven dress materials online that encompass just the basics of this textile. These cotton dress materials are authentic, made with pure cotton, and the most comfortable design that you are bound to love. Check out our unique range of handwoven cotton fabrics and pick out your favorite styles today.

Buy Handwoven Dress Materials Online

Comfort, authenticity, and style are the top markers in most of our fabric shopping checklists. Of course, this ensures the material is of good quality, but it adds value to the price. We at iTokri have handwoven cotton dress materials online that encase all these three significant factors that you’ll want to get your loved piece delivered faster than light. Crafted by weavers from around the country’s nooks and crannies, we have a diverse range of dress materials online in India at very affordable prices, so your wallet does not have to cry. 

What Makes iTokri Special?

Searching for  handcrafted products online is one thing but finding whether it's completely authentic is another. At iTokri, we assure you that your favored product comes straight from the artisan, hassle-free. So, all you have to do is sit back, relax, pick your favorites out, and leave the rest to us. Our store that houses unique  Indian handicrafts online encases both diversity, creativity, and the artisan's expertise. Each product has a story to tell, which you can rejoice in too. Check out some of our products like  dupatta onlineikkat dress materials online,and let the stories pull you in. Also, look for our range of  cotton fabric online.Get your deliveries in just a few clicks with no worries.


1. What are handwoven fabrics?

Handwoven fabrics are spun on handlooms and are durable materials used for various things like sarees, bags, dupattas, dress materials, etc. 

2. How can you tell if fabric is handwoven?

In India, a handwoven fabric comes with a ‘handloom mark’ provided by the government, which tells that the material is handwoven. The cloth thickness is also uneven, and the finish can be seen as small and done by hand.

3. Is handwoven cotton sustainable?

Handwoven cotton is sustainable because the material is manually spun on looms without using machinery or electricity and is biodegradable.