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    Diwali Decoration Products

    Rangoli - The Vibrant Art

    The age-old tradition of curating unique and innovative rangoli designs every year on Diwali is something that will always prevail with sheer excitement. Whether you use rice, colourful sand or flowers, every item renders a unique fabrication of rangoli. Rangoli designs are also a sustaining legacy that has been passed down through generations which brings a familial sense to it. Rangoli is made to welcome goddess Laskhmi in the household while bringing in with her abundance in wealth as well as luck. Rangoli is said to have traces back to the Vedic period while some traces have also been found in the Indus Valley.  Various ancient scriptures of India like that of Ramayana and Mahabharata have also mentioned this form of art. Thus, you see a wide variety of beautifully crafted rangoli designs during Hindu festivals; vibrant and joyful. Modern-day India still enjoys this form of art very much with so many new variations being seen. It has even surpassed festivities where even competitions are held in schools and other educational institutions. Now the question of brainstorming for new designs is something inevitable. So, we have a collection of rangoli by sanjana for you to ease your mind from the worries. Buy rangoli designs from iTokri and enjoy your festivities to the fullest with no hassles. 

    The Unique Rangoli Designs By Sanjana From iTokri

    Want something that is eco-friendly yet does not miss the very mark of the festival? Then iTokri has something for you. Rangoli by Sanjana has some very unique designs that you will surely have the heart's eyes for. You want your guests to gush over your rangoli skills after all, right? We sure do! You don’t even have to walk to the store and make your purchases because you can buy rangoli by sanjana online in just a few clicks, all delivered to your doorstep.

    iTokri - The Perfect Store for Handicraft Lovers

    For your love of handicrafts, we at iTokri have a splendid platform that gives you the chance to venture into this amazing world and grab your favourite products. We celebrate creativity and give craftsmen all over the country a chance to share their stories from their enriching cultures. They get to showcase their skills and passion and you get your favourites handmade items so it’s certainly a win-win, right?

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    1] Where can I get the best rangoli designs?

    Great rangoli designs are just a few clicks away. Buy rangoli designs online at iTokri at the most affordable rates. 

    2] How unique is rangoli by sanjana?

    Rangoli by sanjana has some beautiful, easy to use designs that make your entrance look vibrant and lively.

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