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Handcrafted Bamboo & Sabai Grass Kitchen and Home Utility Products by Kadam Haat

Get Unique Handcrafted Home Utility Products From iTokri. 

With iTokri, you are able to find items for your home that you need for daily living but that have a unique design and will compliment your home. Kadam Haat, the NGO running this production line, was started in 2009 to create economic opportunities for the artisans of Kumarhat and Nayangram Blocks in the West and East Midnapore Districts of West Bengal. The company produces handicraft products, which are specially designed, 100% handmade, 100% biodegradable, durable and eco-friendly, with Craftmark certification. Women have been financially empowered by the program and have become self-reliant to achieve social change and acceptance. Kadam Haat uses all profits it earns to train artisans and develop infrastructure, such as solar power and tube wells, in rural areas.

We Offer Handcrafted Bamboo And Saibai Grass Utility And Kitchen Products By Kadam Haat

Looking for a product that will serve as both a traditional and utilitarian addition to your home? We bring to you exclusive handmade products by Kadam Haat for your kitchen and home. The  bamboo Cereal Basket,  Handmade Bamboo Fruit Basket With Lid,  Handmade Sabai Grass Round Coasters,  Handmade Bamboo Chip & Dip, and  Handmade Sabai Grass Roti Box are all handcrafted by artisans of the rural village. You can incorporate beautiful art and culture into your home with these products. These are well-engineered, hand-made products that are completely biodegradable. Young women and youth in West Bengal hand weave these products using indigenous bamboo, the strongest organic material available, using traditional methods to sustain themselves economically. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, these products are not plastic, making them a healthier option for yourself and the planet.  


  1. What are the home utility items?

Ans: Utility products are necessary items in a household on a daily basis. Furthermore, they can also serve as accessories and add aesthetic value to your space. Typical items include table mats, coasters, trays, bread baskets, casseroles, etc.   

  1. What are Kadam Haat products?

Ans: The Kamada Haat has a range of products made from natural fibers such as Sabai Grass, Bamboo, Cotton & other natural grasses. The company's products include home and kitchen products such as trays, mats, runners, cutlery, and accessories such as bags.

  1. Why should you buy handmade products?

Ans: When it comes to handmade products, there is always a lot of love, care, and attention to detail that goes into each piece.  Therefore, you get a more unique and higher quality item. By supporting handmade businesses, you are contributing to the living and learning of the artists. Moreover, you're preserving skills otherwise lost and reducing your carbon footprint.