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    Kalamkari Face Covers

    Add Elegance And Safety To Your Final Outfit With Kalamkari Cotton Face Mask 

    With the ongoing pandemic, it is essential to wear face masks while you step out of the house. So choosing which face mask is suitable for your face and has a snug fit around your chin and nose is crucial. In addition, the face mask fabric should not cause any allergy to your skin. So it is highly recommended to use cotton fabric face masks instead of leather or plastics. The masks should have a proper fit and double layer to protect from the infected respiratory droplets or other minor pollutants. Sometimes, when it comes to the design of face masks, you might feel bored wearing a plain one without any designs or textures. But, you can slay all your costumes with colourful face masks such as a kalamkari face mask, where numerous designs and colours are involved.Kalamkari masks add beauty to all the outfits of your choice. 

    Beauty Of Kalamkari Fabric

    Kalamkari is a technique of hand painting or blocks print on a piece of cotton fabric, and it is the art form using a pen (Kalam) and craftsmanship (Kari). A sharp, pierced bamboo is used to paint, which regulates the flow of paint. This originated from the Mughals and gradually evolved in the Golconda dynasty. The kalamkari prints are widely practised now in Srikalahasti in Chittoor district and Machilipatnam in Krishna district. Various textile products are made with Kalamkari fabrics such as  sarees online,  dress materials, curtains, wall hangings, clothing etc. Kalamkari fabrics are so unique that they involve only natural hues such as vegetable dyes and chemicals; artificial colours are avoided. Instead, craftspersons obtain the colours by mixing jaggery with water and iron filings to outline the painting sketches effortlessly. So, it doesn't cause any allergies to your skin and is also eco-friendly. It employs around 23 processes to produce kalamkari fabrics. Such as bleaching, they were softening the cloth, dying in the sun, making natural dyes, hand painting, block printing onto it. Motifs such as peacocks, flowers, and divine characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata epics are drawn on the fabrics. This representation of religious God's, Goddess, paintings gained recognition worldwide.

    Need Of A Good Kalamkari Cotton Face Mask 

     The kalamkari face masks are made of two-ply cotton fabric, which is very comfortable and elegant. This doesn't cause any allergy to your face or skin since it involves only natural dyes and cotton material. The face masks are chosen with kalamkari print for their gorgeous structures to improve their style. Pure cotton cloth is embossed with block prints or painted with unique craftsmanship arts and patterns. Two-ply cotton face masks are available in the market to suit any outfit with its unique beauty. You can also opt for the kalamkari reusable cotton mask for safety and comfort.

    Always make sure that you can breathe properly with the masks on. The face mask fit should be intact, with the nose and your chin making a snug fit without having to adjust every time. Sometimes a small pocket is also provided inside the kalamkari face masks to keep the filter in them, which benefits against viral infections. The kalamkari cotton face mask has an inner cotton layer and outer printed layer with Kalamkari paintings which are very beautiful to wear. Face masks with exhalation valves or vents are not recommended since there is a chance of spreading the viruses. You can get a kalamkari mask online and pair it up with an outfit of your choice.

    Why Shop From iTokri?

    At iTokri, you can explore a wide array of masks and face covers in different fabrics. Among all  plain cotton covers,  bagh print covers, and  ikat cotton covers are trendy. You can also opt for a  face cover with a filter pocket for added safety.


    1. Does the Kalamkari face mask match all outfits? 

    Yes, the kalamkari face masks match all the outfits because of the unique designs embossed on them and the various colours used. 

    1. How unique are kalamkari face masks?

    The kalamkari face mask is unique, with motifs of peacocks divine characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata. They are also organic.

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