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Kalamkari Handpainted & Block Printed Stoles

Your Quick Guide To Kalamkari designs!

Kalamkari was first popularised by the Mughals, who called these artists Qualamkars and patronised this form of art in the Golconda and Coromandel provinces. Later, in the 17th Century, the British flourished and inculcated this style in their clothing. Kalamkari prints usually depict scenes and themes from Hindu mythology like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and were used as backdrops for temples showing deities. In modern times, these themes are still prevalent and have other symbols and patterns.

Kalamkari is an exquisite type of cotton textile that hails from different regions of Andhra Pradesh. Kalamkari involves block prints or hand-painted prints, most commonly on cotton fabrics. There are mainly two styles of Kalamkari - Srikalahasti and Machilipatnam. The Srikalahasti style includes dyed hand-painted fabrics that have patterns drawn by a freehand or using a pen. The Machilipatnam style has prints that are created using dyed vegetable block prints.Kalamkari stoles and cotton kalamkari dupattas are a few of the popular garments of this style, and you can find different and beautiful designs of kalamkari stoles online at iTokri.

 India has been a hub for numerous traditional textiles since ancient times. Here we find a collection of skilled craftsmanship beautifully woven into the fabrics, each having a story of its own. With a massive array of textiles, the next pick for your wardrobe has just been made easier. We have gathered some of the best prints in the country, stunningly crafted by some of the most efficient craftsmen.

Why Choose iTokri?

We value creativity and innovation and bring together various skilled artisans from all the different parts of India to share their stories and ideas on one platform. To satiate your desire for different styles and handmade crafts, we are the best place you can come across. Be it adding another fascinating piece of clothing to your wardrobe, adorning your house with beautiful handicrafts or picking out some of the unique gifts that will leave your loved ones nostalgic, and we have everything to cater to your needs at iTokri. Also, check the beautiful  winter stoles,  Manipuri weave stoles,  Banarasi stole, etc. online from the best handicraft store, iTokri.


  • What does Kalamkari mean?
  • The word ‘kalamkari’ can be broken down into two parts, namely ‘kalam’, which means ‘pen’ and ‘Kari’, which means ‘art’ or ‘craftsmanship’. The words are derived from the Persian words of kalam and Kari, where the artists use pens to draw intricate designs on the fabrics. Explore a vast range of hand-crafted and handmade items like tie-dye stoles, ikat weave stoles and kalamkari dupattas online at

  • What is used in Kalamkari?
  • Kalamkari prints are made out of natural dyes and dyes obtained from vegetables. It involves 23 steps in total where the fabric usually made out of cotton needs first to beKariked in a mixture of cow dung and bleach. Then it is placed in buffalo milk. It is then washed, sun-dried, and ready to be painted on using several dyes using a kalam or a pen made of bamboo. Silk fabrics are also used for making kalamkari prints.

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