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Kanchipuram Handloom Sarees

Treat Yourself To Lovely Kanchipuram Handloom Sarees Only From iTokri!

Kanchipuram sarees provide quality and comfort like no other sarees in India. They are the most desired sarees since they are exceptionally elegant and worth every money spent on them. As the fall of its pallu is very straight and steady, it makes you look more sophisticated and classic. This is also done with its simple designs and subtle colors used in it. iTokri has a unique collection of traditional Kanchipuram sarees online. You can now enjoy a wide variety of handloom sarees online at iTokri. You will find an ideal saree for every occasion at iTokri. 

Look At These Different Types Of Kanchipuram Sarees!

At iTokri, you will find a huge range of Kanchipuram sarees with different colors, designs, and patterns:

  1. Uppada Pattu Kanchi Silk Cotton Zari Buta Saree: This beautiful silk saree with rich color and geometric patterns is made in the Uppada village of Andhra Pradesh. It is all set to level up your traditional outfit game for all the upcoming festivals. 
  2. Kanchipuram Cotton Border Saree from Tamil Nadu: Designed with thick borders and quirky motifs, these Kanchipuram sarees undergo a long weaving process done by individuals which are delicately woven into a single piece.
  3. Traditional Handloom Kanchipuram Pure Cotton Saree from Tamil Nadu:  A dark-coloured authentic traditional handloom Kanchipuram saree is waiting to be paired with amazing jewellery by you. This saree is a perfect match for the late-night wedding ceremonies providing all cosy feels during winter. 
  4. Special Kanchipuram Handloom Cotton Saree with Blouse: A pure cotton saree from Kanchi curated with a unique print on its body and cool colors. This is one of the best handloom sarees online. It represents sheer elegance and beauty.  

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri has been known for safely and timely providing quality services at reasonable prices to your doorstep. You will find the finest range of sarees which are perfect to be worn to any occasion. Along with these beautiful Kanchipuram sarees, you can also explore silk weave sarees and handwoven Bengali sarees. Shop now with iTokri for a hassle-free shopping experience. Looking for uniquefabrics online? Check out iTokri, the best handicraft store online which has handmade and hand-painted products. All the products are made by the local artisans which make their designs and work intricately because of the handworks.


1. What is special about the Kanchipuram saree?

Kanchipuram sarees are special because they follow the traditional path of India. They have rich borders along with classic colors. Also, the main body of the saree and pallu are woven separately and then joined together to make a single piece.

2. How can you tell a real Kanchipuram saree?

Kanchipuram sarees are usually thick, their pallu is glossy, and has 3 ply silk. It is often said that the smell of authentic Kanchipuram saree is similar to the smell of burnt leather or burnt hair. So these are the few through which you can identify real Kanchipuram saree.